What is new for Mail Archiver X version 6.0?

Redesigned Setup

Version 6 has a completely designed Setup. You can now archive to multiple plans:


What can you do with multiple plans?

  • Archive to Internal Database and PDF at the same time.
  • Archive one email client to one archive and another email client to another archive.
  • Of course, you can do the same with IMAP accounts.
  • Archive one selection of mailboxes in one age or day range and another selection of mailboxes in another age or day range to the same archive.

Deleting/moving emails to the trash/bin/rubbish now has its own age or day range:

Stacks Image 19886

You can, for instance, archive the newest emails and delete older emails.

The Rest

  • The help in the Setup window doesn't use overlay windows anymore but text in a status bar.
  • Improved memory footprint when archiving lots of emails.
  • Improved progress window for diagnosis.
  • Added new option for mbox export to use minimal set of fields which is useful when the archive has problems.
  • Installation result now shown with text and icon.
  • Instead of creating a folder in Documents for each version there is now a main Mail Archiver folder.
  • The font preferences for the message body work again
  • Improved mail header. The subject is now larger and the from is bold.
  • Greatly improved time to check if an email is already in the Filemaker database.
  • Added presets for creating IMAP accounts.
  • Added support for Valentina logging.

License changes

In the previous versions a license was valid for the current version. I usually had a grace period where you could update to a newer version for free. As a result you could use new versions between 1 and 3 years. Due to continuing changes to system software and continual improvement updates this is going to change.

Starting with version 6 a licensed user is entitled to any updates and/or new versions, free of charge, for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

Let's say you buy a license on 22-Mar-2021. You will have access to a version that becomes available at 1-Mar-2023. On 23-Mar-2023 this version will continue to work. If I release a new version at 1-Apr-2023 and you install this new version then Mail Archiver will revert back to trial mode and you will be able to buy a license update. If you don't install the new version then your existing, legacy version will continue to work until unsupported by the operating system.

This is NOT a subscription!!!




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