What is new for Mail Archiver X version 5.3?

New look

Version 5.3 has all new icons with a more modern look. There are now 2 sets of icons. One for LightMode and one for DarkMode.

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New Options for Setup

The Setup has a couple of new options:

  • It's possible to archive duplicate emails to multiple mailboxes. The feature is available only for the Internal Database.
  • Emails from AppleMail can be archived with a selected flag or can be excluded.
  • Internal emails (from and to domain the same) can be excluded from being archived.

The Rest

  • For Filemaker a new method for communication is used which allows Filemaker 16+17 to be used again.
  • When doing database operations like loading a dump the file selection dialog is now hidden immediately.
  • Added more warnings when free hard disk space is going down.
  • When re-uploading emails to an IMAP account the emails are now added to the original mailbox folder.
  • Print templates have been translated.
  • Improved the locale recognition.

Mail Archiver Pro Admin

The Pro version now comes in two flavours. There is a new Pro Admin version which comes with a server management area. This version should be installed where Valentina Server is. The new features for Pro Admin are:

  • Improved installation.
  • Simplified license management for Valentina Server.
  • Valentina Studio is no longer needed for database and user management. Everything can be done within Pro Admin.
  • Emails are separated by users. In former versions every user could see all emails. Now the users only see their own emails as default.
  • Added usergroup management. When a user has been added to a usergroup then the user can see the emails of all users in the usergroup.




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