What is new for Mail Archiver X version 5.2?

Added Translations

Mail Archiver is now available in:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

And the rest:

Interface improvements

  • The Options part of the Setup has been redesigned. You can now select dates directly in the window. If you archive in an age range you can see the date that belongs to the age.
Setup Options
  • More modern look for Tour and Wizard.
  • The archive button now has a dropdown if the open archive and the one from the Setup are different.

Speed improvements

  • Multiple mails are moved in one script to the trash for Mail.
  • Archiving Gmail accounts from AppleMail is now almost as fast as archiving non-Gmail accounts.
  • The date range is directly selected in the IMAP account. If you only want to archive the newest emails then select a small date range like the last 7 days and the archival will be much faster.

General improvements

  • Removed the manual from distribution.
  • Added the selected date range to the app log.
  • When reading a large directory the beachball is no longer shown.
  • Mails are only deleted for the selected date range.
  • The archive no longer changes every time when opening.
  • The diagnosis now runs without showing the beachball. Finally!!!
  • The text in the email details is selectable again.
  • Emails can be colored for Mail instead of moving them to the trash.
  • Mail Archiver no longer needs to stay in front when archiving to Filemaker.
  • The Filemaker file not longer is in the Applications/Extras folder but only in the Documents folder.




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