How to register the main application for all versions.

After a successful purchase you can download the license file:

License Email

You can also download the license file when you get the order confirmation. The email of the standard version looks like this:

License Email

Select "Register" from the application menu. Select the license file to open it.

Alternatively, you can do this from the Registration tabsheet of the Preferences. Drag the registration file to the window or click the Register button and select the file. You will be able to see the information of the registration file in the window.


If the license file is valid, you will see the following dialog.

Registration confirmation

Additional registration for Mail Archiver X Pro

For both Pro versions the server needs to be registered, too. Mail Archiver does the registration when the server administration is opened. The server license can be installed in the admin area when the server does't run:

Registration of server for Pro