User Reference: Export

Mail Archiver X can export existing archives to the following formats: Filemaker, Internal Database, MBOX and PDF. The different options for the archival formats are described below.

Click on the Export button. Then select if you want to export the complete database, the current mailbox, the current mailbox and it's submailboxes or the selected emails.

In the Easy version you can only export to mbox format.

Export your emails

For MBOX and PDF you can now set the export folder in the Export window instead of selecting the folder after clicking on the Export button.

Important: If you decide at any point in time not to use Mail Archiver X any longer you can access your raw data via the mbox export!

Options for Filemaker:

See Setup.

Options for Internal Database:

If your archive has become too large you may want to divide the archive into 2 parts. You have to duplicate the archive and then delete some emails from each archive. With the export to Internal Database this process is much easier. Select a couple of mailboxes or emails and export those to a new Internal Database.

Internal database

Click on the button to create a new archive. This location is not saved because every export makes a new archive.

Options for MBOX:


For MBOX you can only change the export folder. You can write standard mbox files. Every email of a mailbox will end up in one file. You can also write each email into an individual eml file. Use the last option if the archive has become corrupt.

Options for PDF:

See Setup.