User Reference: Menus

Application Menu:

Application Menu

About Mail Archiver: Shows the about screen.

Grant Full Disk Access: needed to archive from AppleMail.

Show Archive from Easy version on Disk: if you want to upgrade from the Easy version you can have Mail Archiver show you the archive.

Purchase: purchase Mail Archiver within the application.

Purchase online: Goes to the Fastspring store to start the purchase from there. If you have the Easy version you can update to the standard version here.

Cancel Subscription: (Pro only) Direct link to cancelling the Fastspring subscription for the Pro version.

Subscribe to News: subscribe to the newsletter that is sent out a couple of times per year.

Register: Opens the register part of the Preferences.

Resent License: recover your license with the email address or the order number.

Request Trial Extension: extends the trial time. This can be done once within 180 days.

Version Check: Opens the Version Check area of the Settings/Preferences.

Give Testimonial: Tell Moth Software what you like in Mail Archiver and what can be improved.

Settings/Preferences: Opens the Settings/Preferences.

Quit Mail Archiver X: Quits the application.

File menu:

File menu

Setup: Shows the Archival Options.

Archive Mailboxes: Starts the archival for the mailboxes of the activated email clients and IMAP accounts.

Archive MBOX: Shows a dialog to select files for archiving and then archives the selected files.

Import Archive: Internal Database and MailSteward archives can be imported into the currently open archive.

Settings/Export + Import: Export and import the archival settings.

New Archive: Closes the current archive and creates a new one.

Open Archive: Select a file to open.

Open recent: Opens the last open archive.

Close Archive: Closes the currently open archive.

Export: Exports the complete database, the current mailbox or the selection. You can select the options.

Print: Print an email.

Database Menu:

Usefull for troubleshooting.

Database menu

Information: Give information for the currently open database like the version of Valentina used.

Diagnosis: Runs a report on the currently open database. If any problems are found they are written to the error log.

Open to Diagnosis: Diagnoses a database, which hasn't been opened.

Rebuild Index: Deletes the index and creates it new.

Encrypt: Encrypts an archive with a password.

Decrypt: Decrypt an encrypted archive.

Change Encryption: Change the encryption password of an encrypted archive.

Clone: Creates a copy of the database file.

Open to Clone: Create a clone of a database, which hasn't been opened.

Dump: If the database is corrupt it's possible to use the combination Dump/Load Dump to try to fix the problems. Use Dump to save the data of the archive somewhere.

Load Dump: After using Dump use Load Dump to locate the dumped data and load it into a fresh database.

The menu items are not available in the Pro version. The only features that are available for the Pro version are Reindex and Server Management.

Database menu Pro

Email Menu:

The Email menu offers functionality for operating the Email Viewer.

Email menu

Search: Goes to the search field.

Filter: Opens the Filter window.

For re-ordering you can select one of the pre-defined sort orders or you can click on the header fields. The current selection of emails is then reordered. The sort order stays the same (even after closing the browser or quitting) until you select another sort order.

Sort order

Replying to the selected email is available in three variations:

Reply to: creates a new email with the selected text of the message body. The recipicient of the new email is the author of the original email.

Reply to All: Similar to "Reply to". Additionally, the original CCs are CC'd.

Forward: Creates a new email with the whole text of the message body. The recipicient of the new email is empty.

NOTE: Attachments are not automatically added to the new message. You will have to add any attachments manually.

Upload to: you can re-upload the selected emails to an IMAP account. You need at least one active IMAP account in the Setup.

Delete Email: Move the selected email to the trash mailbox.

Delete Attachments: Delete the attachments of the selected emails.

Delete duplicate Emails: moves duplicate emails to the trash.

Empty Trash: Deletes all emails from the trash mailbox.

Reparse: selected emails are being reparsed. With the submenu "Download remote content" data from external servers is being downloaded, too, and will be saved into the emails. The submenu "Fix Misencoded" a special problem with umlauts in Emails is fixed.

Show All: Shows all records in a mailbox.

View: Change the size of the html of the message body.

Help Menu:

Help menu

Manual: Opens the english manual.

Tour: Opens the tour.

Youtube Videos: Shows the Mothsoftware channel with tutorials.

Visit Website: Opens the website.

Send Email: Creates a blank email in the default email client.

Send error report: Can either directly report an error report or when the application crashes.

View session logs: The session logs can be viewed here.

Add email data to session logs: Adds the raw data of the selected email to the session log.

Show session logs in Finder: Opens the folder of the session logs.

Show crash logs in Finder: Opens the folder of the crash logs.