User Reference: Preferences

In eight tabsheets you can set some preferences for the application.


In the Diagnosis tabsheet you can set if the archive database is to be diagnosed after archival. This may take a while, but then you can be absolutely sure that the database is okay.

Preferences: Diagnosis


The different areas of Mail Archiver X like the list of mailboxes or the list of mails the font and the font size can be customized. Click on the respective Select button and change the font or font size.

Preferences: Fonts


You can register with the menu or in this tabsheet. Either click on the Register button to locate the registration file or drop it into the window. After registration you will get a confirmation dialog and the window will show the registration info.

Not available in the Easy version.

Preferences: Registration

Version Check

Mail Archiver X can check if a new version is available.

Not available in the Easy version.

Preferences: Version Check


Mail Archiver does a very lightweight statistics with Google Analytics. By default this is active but can be deactivated at any time.

Preferences: Statistics

Data Logging

In case of problems with IMAP select the checkbox for logging more information. To diagnose a wide variety of problems it's possible to log subject and date of mails. Usually, Moth Software will tell you when to do this.

Preferences: Data Logging


If you are in an enterprise environment certain ports may be blocked for use. In this case use the proxy options here for sending emails.

Not available in the Easy version.

Preferences: Proxy


Mail Archiver X is available in the languages English and German. If you want to run Mail Archiver in a different language than the language your computer is using then change the value from Default.

Not available in the Easy version.

Preferences: Language




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