User Reference: Setup - Accounts

Accounts can be used in different plans. Therefore, accounts can be managed separately.

Click on the plus icon to create a new account. You will see the sheet below:

Add account

Select the type of account that you want to create. Click on the Next button.

Add account

For iCloud or Gmail with app specific password Mail Archiver knows the required servers. For a normal IMAP account, Mail Archiver tries to determine the server name from the email address. Click the Create button to create the account.

Edit account details

Before you can delete an account you have to remove the account from all plans. If you forgot that you will get an error message telling in which plan the account is used.

You can import existing accounts from Mail and Outlook if you click on the button with the stamp icon. Only passwords can't be imported.

You can check the values of user name and IMAP server against your email client. For instance, user name and IMAP server in Mail can be found in Settings -> Accounts -> your account -> Server Settings like this:

IMAP information in Mail