User Reference: Setup - General Options


You can set if the archive database is to be diagnosed after archival. This may take a while, but then you can be absolutely sure that the database is okay.

Data Logging

In case of problems with IMAP select the checkbox for logging more information. To diagnose a wide variety of problems it's possible to log subject and date of emails. Usually, Moth Software will tell you when to activate logging.

The following options are available for the database log:

  • No logging
  • Only Error Messages
  • Error Messages and Warnings
  • Fehler, Warnungen und Debug-Meldungen

The higher the level, the more data is written. If the level is changed, a restart is required.

General Options

Valentina-Logs will be created in the folder user/username/Library/Logs/V4RB/vlogs:

Folder of Valentina-Logs