User Reference: Setup - Schedule

Not available in the Easy version.

The schedule allows you to set up automatic archiving. Starting with version 7 multiple schedules are available. Click on the plus icon to add a new schedule.

The schedule period can be one of the following options:

Schedule period

For daily archiving you can only set the time. If you want to archive weekly you can also select the day of the week:


For monthly archiving you can select the day of the month:


Additionally, there are some options for each schedule.


Select "Quit when finished" when you want Mail Archiver X to quit after the scheduled archival is finished.

When your computer was turned off when an archival was scheduled you can catch up with the schedule with the last option "Start the missed schedule".

With "Email Notification" you can send yourself an email after the schedule has finished. To do this you enter a valid email address if you want to use the built-in functionality to send emails. Alternatively, you can use an account from the Accounts area. The account needs an email address and an SMTP server. Click on "Send Test Email" to check if sending emails works fine.

Click on the plus button next to "Plans for Schedule" to add one or more plans to the schedule. Only active plans can be added to a schedule.