User Reference: Setup

With the Setup you tell Mail Archiver X what to archive and into which format.

For version 6 the Setup has been completely redesigned.

The areas of the Setup

The Setup has several areas.

  1. Plans: The central area for the archive and it's options are now in the Plans area. The biggest new feature is that you can do multiple plans.
  2. Accounts: If you want to archive from IMAP accounts then you need to add them in the Accounts area.
  3. Schedule: In the Schedule area you can define when you want to archive automatically (not for the Lite version).
  4. Server: The Server versions of Mail Archiver have an extra area to connect to the server. This is described in the the section of the Pro version.
  5. General Options: And finally some options of the Preferences have been moved to General Options.
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