User Reference: Version History 6

Version 6.3.4 27-Feb-2023

Feature 5040: Added a secret boolean preferences value "Use_oldregex" so that the new regex can't crash anymore.
Bug 4953: Fixed a rare OutOfBoundsException for the search.
Bug 5007: Fixed a NilObjectException when archiving to PDF.
Bug 5009: Fixed a problem with the journal files not being always deleted when running a schedule with an email notification and "quit after finished".
Bug 5023: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when getting the accounts for Thunderbird/Postbox.
Bug 5024: Fixed a problem with too many emails moved to the trash for Mail in German locale.
Bug 5026: When an email doesn't have a date then it can't be moved to the trash any longer.
Bug 5033: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting mailboxes from Mail.
Bug 5037: Added workaround for false error message when doing a diagnosis. There is now a secret preferences value "Diagnosis_with_sql".
Bug 5042: Fixed a problem when creating PDFs.
Bug 5048: Fixed a NilObjectException when creating PDFs.

Version 6.3.3: 22-Dec-2022

Bug 5000: Fixed a NilObjectException for a corrupt image attachment.
Bug 5002: Fixed a NilObjectException for all apps on the latest Ventura beta.
Bug 5005: When uploading emails to an IMAP account only the errors are written to the session log and not for for every email.

Version 6.3.2: 11-Dec-2022

Feature 4976: The database information now contains the size of the tables.
Feature 4989: Started to add recommendations for PDF viewers.
Feature 4992: Added secret option to make smaller images so that the archive doesn't get so large.
Bug 4971: Fixed a PCRE2ExceptionMBS when parsing emails.
Bug 4974: Fixed some problems with the Gmail and iCloud IMAP presets.
Bug 4975: Fixed a a hard crash for PCRE2 when parsing emails.
Bug 4978: Fixed a VException when there is no archive for archiving.
Bug 4979: It's possible again to import mbox files.
Bug 4986: If a folder was dropped to the dock icon the app no longer reverts to unregistered.
Bug 4991: Fixed a problem with the originator having a space in front.

Version 6.3.1: 19-Nov-2022

Bug 4951: macOS Ventura now shows the app name in the login items and not my name.
Bug 4970: Fixed a NilObjectException when adding a Gmail account.
Bug 4971: Fixed a PCRE2ExceptionMBS when parsing emails.
Bug 4973: Archiving from Mail no longer hangs for emails without message body.

Version 6.3.0: 9-Nov-2022

Bug 4943: When the app is not registered the button for registration is now at the top of the window again.
Bug 4949: Fixed a problem with archiving Imap accounts to PDF.
Bug 4950: Fixed a problem with archiving mbox files.
Bug 4952: Fixed a problem with getting message ids for emails with long headers.
Bug 4954: Fixed a problem with an email not being archived for Gmail/Mail.
Bug 4955: Emails are not moved again to the trash correctly when archiving to Filemaker.
Bug 4966: Improved "Collect all windows" for windows showing too high on a screen.
Bug 4969: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting external attachments for archiving mbox files.

Version 6.3.0 beta 1: 17-Oct-2022

Feature 4602: The installer for Valentina Server is now part of the dmg and doesn't need to be downloaded anymore. The license now also comes pre-installed.
Feature 4635: Improved error handling for logging into an IMAP account.
Feature 4641: Archival settings can now be exported and imported.
Feature 4650: Did some speed improvements for archiving.
Feature 4654: The Setup has a more modern look.
Feature 4677: When archiving in a day range "Older than" is now default instead of "Younger than".
Feature 4695: Improved logging into an IMAP account.
Feature 4698: Improved time for checking existing emails when archiving to PDF.
Feature 4738: Removing logging option for Valentina because it wasn't used anyway.
Feature 4743: Spelling of Filemaker has been changed to FileMaker.
Feature 4748: It's now possible to export all attachments of the selected emails at once.
Feature 4751: There are now tooltips for the toolbars.
Feature 4752: Improved help: better description, new icon. Help in Setup window can now be opened and closed like in the Preferences window.
Feature 4755: Pro Admin can now be installed on computers where Valentina Server is not installed.
Feature 4773: Increased size of internal message id field in archive.
Feature 4804: Setup window is now resizable.
Feature 4813: The attachment context menu now has an entry to open the selected attachments.
Feature 4817: The Tour window now has indicators if the text can be scrolled up or down in the case the scrollbars are hidden.
Feature 4825: Updated to new terminology for System Settings etc. on Ventura.
Feature 4826: Updated full disk access window for Ventura.
Feature 4830: It's now possible to empty the trash with the context menu.
Feature 4856: Before unregistering a database for the Pro version there is now a confirmation dialog.
Feature 4865: When the selected Filemaker template is too old then the folder with the newest template is now revealed in Finder when the error message shows.
Feature 4870: Improved help for adding an IMAP account.
Feature 4883: Pro Admin now uses shell scripts for starting and stopping the server instead of AppleScript apps.
Feature 4896: Added back functionality to change logging for Valentina.
Feature 4903: When doing an "archive mbox" mailboxes from Thunderbird now show up correctly without .sbd file ending.
Feature 4916: The trial license can now be dragged to the dock.
Feature 4925: Added menu item for cancelling the subscription in the Pro versions.
Feature 4937: Removed the menu item "Add email data to session log" from help menu.
Feature 4942: "Show Valentina Logs in Finder" has been added to the Help menu.
Bug 4542: Fixed a problem with the column widths of the list of emails not behaving correctly when resizing.
Bug 4603: Inactive email clients/IMAP accounts in a plan will no longer be automatically loaded when expanding the email section.
Bug 4626: Improved collecting of windows.
Bug 4656: The column widths of the list of emails are now restored correctly again.
Bug 4676: When importing mbox files directly to Filemaker the mailbox is now correct.
Bug 4684: When the server doesn't have a license there is now a better error message.
Bug 4691: Mailboxes can be dragged to the top-level again.
Bug 4706: The day/date range section in Options no longer flickers when switching between plans.
Bug 4736: The mailbox reload icon in Email Info is no longer shown when there is a plan but no email client/IMAP account.
Bug 4737: The Sent mailbox is now shown in the correct location for New Outlook.
Bug 4739: When accounts are changed then the change now shows up in the account list for uploading.
Bug 4740: Fixed 2 problems with the progress window when preparing to archive to Filemaker.
Bug 4744: When uploading emails to an IMAP account the list of accounts is now sorted.
Bug 4745: Added error message when importing accounts from Mail or Outlook and the account had the same name as an email client.
Bug 4754: Fixed a macOS exception when dragging a user to a usergroup for the Pro Admin version on Monterey.
Bug 4756: Fixed an error message "There is no connection to Valentina Server" when closing the Server Management.
Bug 4763: Fixed some problems when archiving from Thunderbird/Postbox.
Bug 4774: The app log no longer hides at the end of archiving now and then.
Bug 4776: Fixed 2 problems when importing accounts from Mail.
Bug 4796: The Pro version no longer makes an empty folder with the app name and the version number when opening the Setup.
Bug 4799: Fixed a hard crash when showing modal windows in full screen mode on Monterey.
Bug 4800: Improved speed of archiving for Monterey.
Bug 4803: Archives that have been moved to the trash are no longer shown in the recent menu.
Bug 4806: Fixed a problem with adding an account to a plan when all available accounts already have been added.
Bug 4808: Improved size of window for changing a mailbox name.
Bug 4809: Fixed some localisation issues with Italian and Spanish in the Setup.
Bug 4811: When the last plan has been deleted the date options are now reset correctly.
Bug 4814: Fixed a problem with emails without message id not being archived correctly when archiving from Gmail/Mail.
Bug 4816: Fixed a problem with trying to add an IMAP account/email client while mailboxes were already loading.
Bug 4818: The Pro version no longer does the check for the archive segment size.
Bug 4819: Fixed a bug with the height of the Server Management window.
Bug 4820: Fixed a problem with a notification when the limit of the Easy version was reached.
Bug 4821: The Shop window when buying the update from the Easy version now has the correct title.
Bug 4822: After clicking on the Purchase button to buy the update in the Easy version the window is now closed.
Bug 4828: Fixed another problem with the progress showing the wrong information in rare cases.
Bug 4832: When importing emails from Internal Database or MailSteward the data is now indexed correctly.
Bug 4837: Fixed a problem with mailboxes when uploading emails to an IMAP account.
Bug 4838: Improved drag and drop when emails were sorted by subject.
Bug 4839: If a mailbox that can't be changed (like Views) is selected then it's now possible to create a top level mailbox.
Bug 4840: When archiving to Filemaker and the approval for automation isn't given then the progress window is now being closed.
Bug 4841: The duplicate check for Filemaker and PDF now work correctly when using flags or excluding internal emails.
Bug 4842: The Mail flags show up correctly again on a non-HiDPI display.
Bug 4845: Improved archiving duplicate emails with case-sensitive message ids.
Bug 4852: When drawing a corrupt attachment there is no longer an OutOfBoundsException.
Bug 4857: Fixed an error message "there is no connection to valentina server" when closing the Server Management window.
Bug 4859: Unregistered databases show up in the list of databases for the Pro version again.
Bug 4863: When using "last opened archive" to select an archive then the archive is ignore when it's in the trash/bin.
Bug 4864: The print template is now installed for the Pro version, too.
Bug 4868: Fixed a problem archiving a non-mbox file.
Bug 4873: Fixed a hard crash on Ventura when showing any dialog.
Bug 4875: Fixed a hard crash when loading database dump files.
Bug 4876: Fixed a problem with loading the datafile of the database dump.
Bug 4879: The default font is now added for html emails even if some style information is available.
Bug 4888: Non-inline images are no longer shown in reversed order.
Bug 4893: A reply email no longer makes duplicate email addresses.
Bug 4898: Valentina log files are now created in the user logs folder so that the app doesn't crash on start when logging is activated.
Bug 4904: Archiving from Thunderbird works again when the location of the account is not the default one.
Bug 4906: Inbox shows up again for Thunderbird.
Bug 4912: Improved width of Preferences window for Spanish locale.
Bug 4915: Renaming mailboxes no longer allows mailboxes with the same name and a different case.
Bug 4917: Fixed a problem with the help text in the Error Report window.
Bug 4923: When Mail doesn't have accounts there won't be an error -1728 anymore.
Bug 4924: The mailbox SendLater won't show up now for Mail.
Bug 4939: Removed "Show crash logs in Finder" from the Easy version.

Version 6.2.6: 29-Aug-2022

Feature 4884: Added support for Mail on Ventura.

Version 6.2.5: 26-Aug-2022

Bug 4795: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when importing emails from MailSteward.
Bug 4802: Thunderbird profiles are now found again if the profile is on an external hard disk.
Bug 4805: The LaunchAgent has been fixed for the new name of the schedule helper app.
Bug 4810: A label in Spanish no longer is too long.
Bug 4827: Fixed a problem with exporting emails to mbox and uploading them back to IMAP.
Bug 4829: Fixed a problem with text not showing up for the Tour on Ventura.
Bug 4844: Fixed a problem sorting the IMAP accounts.
Bug 4846: Print templates in the Application Support folder can be used again.
Bug 4861: Fixed a problem with sent emails from Gmail/Mail not being archived.
Bug 4872: Added workaround for the crash on Ventura when accessing the exception stack.

Version 6.2.4: 30-May-2022

Fixed a build issue in 6.2.3.
Bug 4793: It's possible to use the scheduler again for the Pro version.
Bug 4792: Fixed a problem with emails with a very short header not being archived for IMAP.
Bug 4789: Now all Thunderbird profiles can be found again.

Version 6.2.3: 21-May-2022

Feature 4785: There is now info in the app log when emails that should be moved to the trash are out of the date range.
Feature 4790: When creating accounts for iCloud or Gmail there is now help for app specific passwords.
Bug 4786: Fixed a NilObjectException for getting Thunderbird mailboxes when there was no profile found.
Removed data logging which made archiving from Mail much slower.

Version 6.2.2: 10-May-2022

Feature 4778: Added info to the session log if there is no data in a mailbox for Mail.
Bug 4759: More work on error message "body doesn't fit to header" when archiving from IMAP.
Bug 4775: It's possible to archive again when Outlook only has POP accounts.
Bug 4777: Fixed a problem with getting mailboxes from Outlook for an Exchange account.
Bug 4783: In DarkMode the icons in the list of mailboxes are no longer mixed up.

Version 6.2.1: 27-Apr-2022

Bug 4759: Fixed multiple conditions for the error message "body doesn't fit to header" when archiving from IMAP.
Bug 4760: Fixed a problem when Mail is quit when getting flags.
Bug 4762: Fixed a problem when starting for crash logs on start up.
Bug 4767: Fixed another problem with getting a 1 GB free space error message.
Bug 4768: Exchange accounts can again be found on the hard disk for Mail.
Bug 4771: When running the schedule for the Pro version and it's not possible to connect to the server the app no longer hangs.

Version 6.2: 11-Apr-2022

Bug 4732: Fixed a problem with getting mailboxes for Outlook when one account didn't have a name.
Bug 4734: Fixed an error -1712 when archiving to Filemaker.
Bug 4746: Fixed an error message "body doesn't fit to header" when archiving from IMAP.
Bug 4747: Fixed a problem with the Inbox prefix of IMAP accounts not being removed.
Bug 4753: Fixed a problem where an email with lots of image attachments wasn't parsed correct. The bug fix makes archiving emails with lots of images much faster.

Version 6.2 beta 3: 22-Mar-2022

Fixed a problem with the permissions for AppleScript.
Feature 4728: It's now possible to archive by days with 4 digits instead of 3 digits.
Bug 4662: Fixed a problem with the scheduler not starting.
Bug 4716: Fixed another problem with the 1 GB warning.
Bug 4717: Rolled back fix for bug 4461 which caused Exchange accounts not to show up for archiving.
Bug 4718: It's possible to archive from Gmail again.
Bug 4719: Fixed a hard crash when archiving to PDF.
Bug 4721: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when getting mailboxes for Mail.
Bug 4722: Fixed another bug when loading mailboxes from Postbox/Thunderbird.
Bug 4723: Fixed an UnsupportedOperationException when archiving to PDF where the email doesn't have a date.
Bug 4724: Fixed an unhandled NilObjectException which could occur during quit.
Bug 4725: Fixed a problem with loading mailboxes from Postbox/Thunderbird.
Bug 4729: The print template is now installed correctly again.
Bug 4730: After restarting the scheduler is now started again.

Version 6.2 beta 2: 4-Mar-2022

Bug 4714: When archiving to the Internal Database and there was a Filemaker version that was too old there no longer is an error message about Filemaker.
Bug 4715: Fixed a problem where attachments were not archived for Gmail from Mail.

Version 6.2 beta 1: 1-Mar-2022

Feature 387: Internal Database archives can now be imported into the open archive.
Feature 1346: MailSteward archives can now be imported into an internal archive.
Feature 2423: Thunderbird and Postbox now show the account names correctly.
Feature 3190: After moving emails to the trash the selection is now cleared correctly.
Feature 3887: Simplified adding an IMAP account.
Feature 4213: Changed the tour to have a more modern look.
Feature 4280: There is now a warning when an archive is located on Dropbox or iCloud.
Feature 4298: Speed improvements for archiving to Filemaker and PDF.
Feature 4300: Greatly improved preparation time when archiving Gmail emails from Mail.
Feature 4302: Improved reviews for AppStore version.
Feature 4303: Notarisation is now automated.
Feature 4357: Improved UI of progress window when the progress is indeterminate like when preparing Gmail for Mail.
Feature 4360: Added check for date range when archiving from IMAP.
Feature 4380: External attachments from Mail can now be uploaded to IMAP and are exported to mbox.
Feature 4390: After adding an IMAP account and switching to another section the password is now hidden after switching back.
Feature 4391: After selecting "Archive all mailboxes" all mailboxes are now shown as selected.
Feature 4455: Increased max file length for PDF files from 50 to 100.
Feature 4483: Renamed the helper app from "Mail Archiver X " to "Mail Archiver X Scheduler" so that enterprise environments don't think that Mail Archiver is a spam app.
Feature 4499: New icons for manual and Valentina Server installer in dmg.
Feature 4508: When loading the in-app shop there is now a timeout message when the shop can't be loaded.
Feature 4515: Renamed older than/younger than to before and after for archiving and deleting emails. "before" is now the default instead of "after".
Feature 4518: It's now possible to duplicate accounts and plans in the Setup.
Feature 4523: Server management now has help similar to the Export window.
Feature 4526: Improved wording for PDF structure option.
Feature 4529: If a directory isn't available for the Pro Admin version there is now an icon.
Feature 4530: Improved speed for getting mailboxes from Outlook.
Feature 4531: The Setup now starts loading mailboxes after the Email Info section has opened.
Feature 4539: Icons and headers in the Plans area of the Setup can now be used to open and close the subsections, too, instead of only the disclosure triangle.
Feature 4553: There is now an additional help system to show the user what needs to be clicked in the Setup.
Feature 4554: The Error Report window now shows the required fields.
Feature 4559: Increased preview size of non-picture attachments.
Feature 4566: There is now a tooltip and a help message when not all attachments have been downloaded for an email client.
Feature 4567: Added back help text for the mailbox selection.
Feature 4568: Added warning to app log when not all attachments are downloaded for an email client.
Feature 4575: After the Full Disk Access was shown the app log window is now closed.
Feature 4578: Re-indexing a database now works for Pro.
Feature 4582: Loading mailboxes in the Setup is now faster, especially for Postbox/Thunderbird.
Feature 4583: It's now possible to create an account when adding an email client/IMAP account to a plan.
Feature 4584: Use macOS functions for saving and loading window coordinates.
Feature 4586: Improved description of plans in tour.
Feature 4587: When no database is open the window is now transparent.
Feature 4600: There is now a tooltip when a warning for selecting an archiving location is shown.
Feature 4601: Next to the path of an archive there is now a button to show the archive or the folder of the archive in Finder.
Feature 4605: It's now possible to create an IMAP account when adding an account to a plan.
Feature 4607: It's now possible to import IMAP accounts from Mail and Outlook.
Feature 4612: Removed the uninstaller from the application folder. This makes the verification phase of the installer much much faster.
Feature 4618: It's now possible to drag-and-drop an archive to select it in the Data Format section of the Setup.
Feature 4619: It's now possible to select the last opened archive in the Data Format section of the Setup with one click.
Feature 4627: Added context menu to list of emails to delete emails and upload them back into an IMAP account.
Feature 4633: When a new version is outside of the license end date then there is a warning that the new version will not be free.
Feature 4634: Added tooltips to disclosure triangles in Setup/Plans and Server Management.
Feature 4637: Improved wording for diagnose after archiving.
Feature 4645: Preparation time for PDFs has been improved.
Feature 4646: Imap path prefixes now are correctly removed from mailboxes in Thunderbird/Postbox.
Feature 4647: When archiving from Mail and there is an unsupported macOS version there is now a dialog with the possibility to do an update check.
Feature 4665: When a schedule is executed there is now a notification, too.
Feature 4667: Improved wording for update window.
Feature 4671: When app is not registered only 10k emails can be archived to Internal Database. PDF and Filemaker are restricted to 1k. Only 100 emails can be move to the trash.
Bug 4224: When app was starts in DarkMode it can now be switched to LightMode.
Bug 4341: Controls in the Plan areas no longer flicker when switching between plans.
Bug 4449: Archiving from IMAP no longer stops when the header has 2 message ids.
Bug 4450: Emails with 2 message IDS can now be archived and deleted for Gmail with Mail.
Bug 4454: Fixed a problem with encodings being wrong.
Bug 4461: Inactive accounts in Mail with server missing are no longer considered for archiving.
Bug 4464: When trying to connect to the master or the user database there is now an error message.
Bug 4467: Improved positions of several controls.
Bug 4496: Emails without message id can now be moved to the trash for Mail and Outlook.
Bug 4504: Fixed an IOException when trying to download a new version.
Bug 4506: Fixed an incorrect 1 GB warning when archiving to PDF.
Bug 4507: Fixed a problem with vertical alignment of the subject in PDFs where the subject contains emojis.
Bug 4511: Added error message when trying to connect to the server without user name or password.
Bug 4525: The icon for deleting users in server management no longer is enabled for the last admin user.
Bug 4537: The first connection in the server management now can be killed, too, when opening the window.
Bug 4538: When loading usergroups for the Pro Admin version the first usergroup now is editable immediately when opening the server management window.
Bug 4543: After starting to load mailboxes and immediately closing the Email Info area the reload button is no longer visible.
Bug 4544: Fixed a timeout when sending scheduler notifications.
Bug 4546: Fixed a wrong error message "It wasn't possible to save the mailboxes" when loading mailboxes for a plan.
Bug 4547: Removed some internal Outlook mailboxes.
Bug 4548: The warning "server restart required" no longer is visible when the server is stopped and started instead of just restarted.
Bug 4564: When an email has a message-id without enclosing <> then the emails are no longer archived multiple times to Filemaker.
Bug 4569: Help for changing the fonts in the Preferences now works properly.
Bug 4590: Yellow triangles now showing up for Thunderbird and Postbox correctly again.
Bug 4591: Encrypted PDFs now show correctly "No preview available" instead of nothing in the attachment view.
Bug 4593: Fixed a NilObjectException for drawing an animation in the dock.
Bug 4598: The Tour now has a link to the manual and the MiniClass.
Bug 4599: When removing an email client from a plan while the mailboxes were loading "no mailboxes found" is no longer shown.
Bug 4616: Emails without MailTags no longer show 1970 as default date.
Bug 4617: When cancelling the preparation of archiving Gmail for Mail the preparation no longer starts again in some situations.
Bug 4622: Dragging multiple attachments from the attachment list to the desktop works again on Monterey.
Bug 4623: Drag image when dragging multiple attachments to the desktop is no longer a mix of retina and non-retina images.
Bug 4624: Fixed an OutOfBoundException when exporting to Filemaker.
Bug 4636: Preparation for Gmail accounts no longer is done for Inbox/Sent/Other mailboxes but only once.
Bug 4644: Improved margins for blockquotes when viewing emails so that more text is visible.
Bug 4651: Archiving to PDF no longer stops without error message when the intermediary file can't be read.
Bug 4655: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when cancelling the upload of an email.
Bug 4658: Emails can now be uploaded to an account with an Imap account prefix.
Bug 4659: Flags in the Setup are shown correctly in DarkMode.
Bug 4664: The option for handling attachments for Filemaker is saved again correctly.
Bug 4666: When the menu item "Download Remote Content" is not enabled the menu item "Reparse" also is not enabled.
Bug 4668: Fixed another problem with the mailboxes not being found for Thunderbird.
Bug 4669: Made better error message when user tries to make an account name with the same name as an email client.
Bug 4670: When an attachment is corrupt there is now an error message instead of a crash.
Bug 4672: Fixed an mbox file not being archived.
Bug 4673: When an email has corrupt boundary data there is now a log entry in the session log and the app doesn't crash anymore.
Bug 4674: Fixed a wrong disk space warning when archiving to PDF.
Bug 4678: Fixed a situation where the second calendar in the date range selection of the Setup could go missing.
Bug 4681: Fixed a problem with emails not being deleted for an Outlook Live account in Mail.
Bug 4688: The Easy version no longer creates an empty folder "Mail Archiver X Easy" in the documents folder when exporting emails to mbox.
Bug 4693: When uploading emails to an account there is no longer an error message on cancel in some situations.
Bug 4694: Fixed a problem with the installer on Mojave.
Bug 4697: Fixed a problem with archiving to PDF stopping in the middle when using too many temp files.
Bug 4701: Hard crashes can be sent via email again on Monterey.
Bug 4702: Fixed a rare hard crash when parsing emails.
Bug 4703: The app log now shows the time for all the plans and not only the last one.
Bug 4704: When using a license on the Easy version there is now a better message than "license is invalid".
Bug 4708: Improved time to close an archive on Monterey
Bug 4710: Fixed a problem with archiving to PDF stopping in the middle.
Bug 4711: Fixed a problem where it wasn't possible to drag emails to another mailbox after drag reordering mailboxes.

Version 6.1.3: 9-Dec-2021

Bug 4606: The text for the help toolbar item is no longer cut off for Monterey after clicking on the help button.
Bug 4611: Icons for Show Help/Hide Help show up again under Monterey
Bug 4613: Fixed a problem with the mailbox translations.
Bug 4614: Fixed a rare hard crash when writing PDF files.
Bug 4620: The archive no longer asks to be converted every time it's opened for the Pro version.
Bug 4631: When creating PDFs from and to are now correctly html encoded and now show the email addresses.
Bug 4640: Fixed a problem with mailboxes from Thunderbird not being read anymore.
Bug 4642: Improved archiving to Filemaker so that it doesn't stop before finishing.
Bug 4643: Improved margins for blockquotes when printing/creating PDFs so that more text is visible.
Bug 4649: Added workaround for crash when dragging multiple attachments to the Finder in Monterey.

Version 6.1.2: 17-Sep-2021

Bug 4581: Fixed some problems with indexing for the Pro version.
Bug 4589: Encrypted PDF attachments are now parsed correctly.
Bug 4595: It's now possible again to use the scheduler from the Pro version.
Bug 4597: Fixed a wrong message about missing free space when archiving to an external hard disk.

Version 6.1.1: 03-Sep-2021

Feature 4580: Added support for Mail on Monterey.
Bug 4571: Fixed an error "PDF can't be created" when emails had a space at the end of the subject on Dropbox.
Bug 4572: Fixed a hard crash when archiving emails with MailTags to PDF.
Bug 4573: Mailboxes containing the "Orphaned mailbox" are now excluded from archiving.
Bug 4577/4581: Fixed some problems with the index for the Pro version.
Bug 4588: Clicking outside of the error description in the Error Report window no longer removes the already entered text.

Version 6.1: 07-Aug-2021

Bug 4551: Fixed an IOException when trying to create an archive over an existing one.
Bug 4552: Email Info in the Setup window Plans section now no longer opens when opening the window.
Bug 4555: Added an error message when the user doesn't have access to his own Documents folder.
Bug 4558: Improved resolution for PDF previews.
Bug 4560: Fixed a wrong error message for an attachment with the name".pdf".
Bug 4565: Archiving is now cancelled automatically after showing the full disk access window.

Version 6.1.0beta1: 02-Jul-2021

Added support for Apple Silicon.
Feature 4230: Mailboxes below Inbox and Sent Messages can now be deleted in an archive.
Feature 4241: It's now possible to import old Mail folders directly.
Feature 4257: If emails are archived or excluded by flag for Mail there is now an entry in the App Log.
Feature 4318: There is now a default user for the Pro Admin version.
Feature 4324: The font of the subject in the header can be changed again.
Feature 4339: It's now possible to reset the fonts in the Preferences.
Feature 4367: It's only possible to use the internal license for the Pro version.
Feature 4370: The installer now uses the version string instead of the version number to get version information. This shows the beta version.
Feature 4405: If the path to an archive doesn't exist there is now an icon showing that the path is not available. For the Internal Database there is also a message.
Feature 4410: When you change Valentina logging there is a message that the app needs to be restarted.
Feature 4411: Valentina logging has been re-enabled.
Feature 4416: Greatly improved the loading time for a lot of emails into the list of emails.
Feature 4433: Added outline icons in BigSur style. It's possible to switch between the icon styles.
Feature 4440: Added version check to the menu.
Feature 4456: Logging of mailboxes is now cut off at 10k.
Feature 4458: Removed compact and repair from the Database menu.
Feature 4482: Added an option in the preferences to use the new unified toolbar style on Big Sur.
Feature 4497: Inactive plans now have a disabled looking icon.
Feature 4501: Archive and Archive mbox are only available when an archive is open for the Pro version now.
Bug 3600: The search no longer is executed 2 times.
Bug 4325: The print toolbar item no longer is enabled without having an email selected.
Bug 4351: There is now a proper error message when the IMAP password is missing for Gmail.
Bug 4397: The gap between attachment icons no longer is so large.
Bug 4432: Timestamp is now correct when uploading emails to an IMAP account.
Bug 4441: Fixed a problem with mailboxes from Gmail accounts when archiving from Mail.
Bug 4446: Fixed a NilObjectException when loading local Gmail mailboxes for Mail.
Bug 4447: The disk space warning now takes the purgeable and hidden space into account.
Bug 4451: For getting trial extensions and sending emails with longer top level domains are now allowed.
Bug 4470: Added workaround for a hard crash when cancelling archiving after doing a filter.
Bug 4474: If there is a timeout error when sending scheduler emails there is now only one error message instead of 2.
Bug 4476: Fixed an error when archiving PDFs to a location in iCloud.
Bug 4479: Filter, archive, cancel no longer crashes when using the MT version of searching.
Bug 4480: When the app crashes the filter is no longer loaded on start up.
Bug 4481: Fixed an exception when loading mailboxes in the Setup.
Bug 4485: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when adding an account to a plan.
Bug 4486: When dragging emails or attachments the drag image is now HiDPI.
Bug 4487: After cancelling archiving the search no longer is executed twice.
Bug 4491: Filemaker no longer stops in the middle of archiving now and then.
Bug 4493: Fixed another NilObjectException when cancelling a multi-plan archival.
Bug 4502: Added timeout message when there is a problem archiving to PDF.
Bug 4509: When starting Mail Archiver there is no error message "Mail Archiver X isn't open anymore".
Bug 4514: Fixed a problem with dates when emails were imported from Gmail.
Bug 4516: Fixed memory leak when writing to the index.
Bug 4517: Fixed a memory leak when parsing the header.
Bug 4519: Fixed an UnsupportedFormatException when archiving from Thunderbird.
Bug 4521: Emails having a message id that starts with << can now be deleted in Mail.
Bug 4533: Fixed a NilObjectException when changing the dock icon back to the original.
Bug 4536: Fixed a problem when parsing emails with a boundary that contained invisible characters.

Version 6.0.1: 17-May-2021

Bug 4372: Fixed a NilObjectException when loading data for the Pro version.
Bug 4457: Fixed a NilObjectException when archiving a plan.
Bug 4459: Plans now run ordered by name.
Bug 4460: Archiving to PDF no longer stops in the middle.
Bug 4462: Helper app is now started again after installing a new version.
Bug 4463: Fixed a typo in the full disk access window.
Bug 4472: Improved vertical alignment in the list of emails for macOS Big Sur.
Bug 4478: Fixed a problem with reordering emails after doing a search in the message body.
Bug 4490: Fixed an error message "Filemaker can't be started.".

Version 6.0: 17-Apr-2021

Feature 4439: The open sections in the plan area of the Setup no longer are written to the Preferences. All sections now open in closed state.
Bug 4442: The preferences window has the correct size after showing and hiding the help.
Bug 4444: There is no longe an error message "The variable is not defined" when moving emails to the trash for Mail (bug from beta 3).
Bug 4445: The bold header field is bold again on Big Sur.
Bug 4448: Request for testimonial is shown less often.

Version 6.0beta3: 7-Apr-2021

Archiving from Mail works again. Beta bug from beta 2.

Version 6.0beta2: 7-Apr-2021

Feature 4319: Added a small delay before terminating the app.
Feature 4377: When the folder of the archive doesn't exist or the hard disk of the archive isn't mounted then there is now a proper error message.
Feature 4401: There is now a confirmation dialog before deleting a plan.
Feature 4418: The help button in the Export window now has a label.
Bug 4398: When header and message body become out of synch for IMAP then there is now an error message and archiving is stopped.
Bug 4399: Searches in message body no longer are slow after the first time.
Bug 4402: Fixed another problem with remote content not being downloaded.
Bug 4403: MAX no longer skips the last session logs when sending an error report.
Bug 4407: Made Valentina logging invisible because it caused a hard crash when enabled. The feature is coming back in 6.1.
Bug 4408: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when changing the selected mailbox in the Setup.
Bug 4412: Mailboxes no longer show up under spam when archiving directly from Gmail.
Bug 4417: The help in the Export window no longer gets confused between clicking the icon and the disclosure triangle.
Bug 4420: Added an error message for an IOException when exporting to mbox.
Bug 4421: The error -1719 is now correctly ignore when moving emails to the trash for Mail.
Bug 4426: Added error message when having an IOException during starting Filemaker.
Bug 4427: Added a check for a NilObjectException when loading data after opening an archive.
Bug 4431: When uploading emails from Sent Messages the emails now end up in the correct mailbox.
Bug 4434: The register button in the Preferences window now selects the new file type for registration.
Bug 4435: When exporting to PDF then the options Date, Subject and Subject as filename are no longer mixed up.
Bug 4436: Template name for PDF is now saved correctly for non-English locale.
Bug 4437: When an account in Mail or Outlook doesn't download all attachments a yellow triangle is shown. This works again.

Version 6.0beta1: 22-Mar-2021

Feature 1945: It's now possible to have multiple archival setups called plans.
Feature 2424: The help in the Setup window doesn't use overlay windows anymore but text in a status bar.
Feature 4035: Build and install scripts now use zsh and not bash on newer versions of macOS.
Feature 4072: Improved memory footprint when archiving lots of emails.
Feature 4134: Brackets around email addresses aren't removed anymore.
Feature 4141: Improved progress window for diagnosis.
Feature 4175: Added new option for mbox export to use minimal set of fields which is useful when the archive has problems.
Feature 4182: The list of emails now uses the short date and not the abbreviated data.
Feature 4183: Installation result now shown with text and icon.
Feature 4184: Instead of creating a folder in Documents for each version there is now a main Mail Archiver folder.
Feature 4191: Added call stack for dialogs in the session log.
Feature 4194: "Email" is now being used instead of "mail" everywhere.
Feature 4195: Added better support for different versions when doing an update check.
Feature 4203: The font preferences for the message body work again.
Feature 4220: Improved mail header. The subject is now larger and the from is bold.
Feature 4231: More modern look for tabsheets.
Feature 4237: Greatly improved time to check if an email is already in the Filemaker database.
Feature 4244: In the time remaining window show the remaining days instead of the already used days.
Feature 4250: Added presets for creating IMAP accounts.
Feature 4251: Added support for Valentina logging.
Feature 4254: The date range selection for moving emails to the bin/deleting emails is now independent of the archiving date range.
Feature 4262: Emails are now sent from notifications@mothsoftware.com.
Feature 4267: Added a purchase button to the time remaining window.
Feature 4269: Duplicate emails can now be moved to the trash.
Feature 4271: Add support for new style macOS notifications for Mojave and higher.
Feature 4279: Updated printing to work with WKHtmlViewer.
Feature 4305: Licenses are now valid for 2 years and don't depend on the version anymore. NOT a subscription.
Feature 4317: Added permission info when opening an archive fails with wrong permissions.
Bug 3809: Fixed a problem with an extraneous > when parsing an attachment with an image preview.
Bug 3950: The checkbox to select/deselect all mailboxes in the mailbox selection of the Setup no longer is editable when there is no mailbox to select.
Bug 3989: After clicking on the reload button in the mailbox selection of the Setup the mailboxes are no longer all closed.
Bug 4064: When the user name changed it wasn't possible to get the keychain entry for an IMAP account.
Bug 4081: Fixed problem with empty columns in the list of emails.
Bug 4142: The beachball no longer shows after archiving a lots of emails from AppleMail or mbox files.
Bug 4144: The Easy version no longer shows the full file path for the archive.
Bug 4174: The applog no longer shows 2 entries about the date range when archiving goes over more than one calendar day.
Bug 4187: When doing a diagnosis revolving arrows are shown again in the dock.
Bug 4214: Attachment is now being resized correctly after window has been resized.
Bug 4229: The mailbox context menu no longer can be shown when nothing can be changed.
Bug 4238: Fixed a problem with a > which could show up occasionally after an attachment.
Bug 4240: Fixed an error message "It wasn't possible to drag the selected mails to the new mailbox." when dragging more than 50k emails to another mailbox.
Bug 4243: After deleting a database in Pro Admin the minus button is now active.
Bug 4246: Added a check for iCloud when importing mbox files and exporting to PDF. In it's great wisdom Apple made not-downloaded files from iCloud like zombies which could lead to mbox files not being downloaded and PDF files being overwritten.
Bug 4259: Fixed a NilObjectException when trying to reparse without having emails selected.
Bug 4260: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when archiving from Mail.
Bug 4273: Added an error message for an OutOfBoundException during connecting to the index.
Bug 4275: Only load the ICU for the index once and not every time the index is opened.
Bug 4304: Fixed some punctuation problems when exporting to the Internal Database.
Bug 4314: MAX no longer hangs when archiving Gmail accounts from Mail for AppleSilicon.
Bug 4315: MAX no longer hands on AppleSilicon when archiving from Outlook.
Bug 4320: Fixed a problem with the progress showing the wrong information in rare cases.
Bug 4322: When archiving a date range the maximum day is now archived again.
Bug 4326: Fixed a hard crash when writing data to PDF or printing.
Bug 4328: Archiving to Filemaker no longer hangs for super long emails.
Bug 4337: Fixed a problem with archiving "duplicates in mailboxes" for archiving Gmail emails.
Bug 4338: Duplicate check no longer fails when archiving mbox files and "Archive duplicate emails in multiple mailboxes" is activated.
Bug 4344: When pressing the delete key for a server database name while in the file ending no longer ads the file ending again.
Bug 4346: Error messages when opening or creating an archive now show a correctly localised path.
Bug 4348: Fixed a problem when parsing emails.
Bug 4352: When trying to upload emails to an IMAP account and the upload fails there is now an error message.
Bug 4356: NilObjectException when moving emails to the trash in the Pro version.
Bug 4362: The date control no longer shows the background color of the window on macOS BS.
Bug 4364: Easy version now opens the archive after switching languages.
Bug 4376: Archiving no longer starts again after cancelling getting data for Gmail and preparing the duplicate check for PDF.
Bug 4378: CMYK images are now shown correctly in the message body.
Bug 4379: Fixed a problem with urls not being recognised.
Bug 4384: Fixed several problems when downloading external content.
Bug 4388: When hiding the dock the main window now get smaller when maximised.
Bug 4389: Mailboxes with "trash" in the name are no longer recognised as trash mailbox for Mail.
Bug 4395: Fixed a ThreadAlreadyRunningException when requesting a trial extension.