User Reference: Version History 7

Version 7.1.0 17-Nov-2023

Bug 5255: Fixed a NilObjectException when doing a search in an empty database for the Pro version.
Bug 5265: Fixed a rare problem with parsing email dates.
Bug 5266: Fixed a problem with parsing a date.
Bug 5267: Fixed an error message "Username, email address or SMTP server are missing." when sending a test email for the schedule.
Bug 5268: "Archive only new" now works correctly after opening the Setup window.
Bug 5269: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting mailboxes for an email client that is not on the computer.
Bug 5270: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when archiving from Imap.

Version 7.1.0 beta 1 02-Nov-2023

Feature 2752: It's now possible to drag a mailbox into another mailbox.
Feature 3569: It's now possible to archive only new emails.
Feature 3635: Loading of images, CSS, fonts and JavaScript into the viewer can now be blocked.
Feature 4197: If your lost your license you can now resend the license from within the app.
Feature 4234: Added new icons for installer and uninstaller.
Feature 4263: It's now possible to use an existing IMAP account to send emails for the schedules.
Feature 4321: Underscores are now removed from originator and recipients.
Feature 4527: Added some information when directories are changed for the Pro Admin version.
Feature 4686: The architecture (Intel vs. ARM) is now in the analytics data, too.
Feature 4687: Updated some server properties to new names.
Feature 4699: It's now possible to use the same date or day range for deleting emails as for archiving them.
Feature 4794: It's now possible to delete emails immediately.
Feature 4835: Improved tour.
Feature 4886: When Valentina Server crashes on start there is now an error message.
Feature 4930: When the mailboxes in the Setup are screwed up then the mailboxes are now reset completely.
Feature 4936: The selection of the mailboxes no longer depends on the parent mailbox being open or closed.
Feature 4941: Emails in Inbox and Sent Messages now show the account in the list of emails.
Feature 4960: Analytics are now done without Google Analytics.
Feature 4963: Added more types of IMAP accounts.
Feature 5013: It's now possible to add multiple accounts to a plan.
Feature 5016: When moving emails to the trash for Outlook it's now possible to use a category "Trash" instead.
Feature 5028: The recent items now show the path of the archive.
Feature 5030: When loading mailboxes for an account and it's not possible to log into the account there is now a better error message than "can't get the mailboxes" for IMAP accounts.
Feature 5036: AppleScripts and their result can now be logged into the session logs.
Feature 5049: The maximum length for PDFs is now 250 characters.
Feature 5059: Added message when database dump has been created.
Feature 5060: It's now possible to drag Inbox/Send Messages out of the list of mailboxes in the main window.
Feature 5061: Improved speed of installing and removing app.
Feature 5063: "Delete" in toolbar and menu has been renamed to "move to trash".
Feature 5065: Improved labels for exporting to mbox.
Feature 5066: When an IMAP account is copied the password is now copied, too.
Feature 5070: When a plan doesn't have mailboxes a diagnosis is no longer done.
Feature 5071: During trial it's now only possible to export 100 emails to Filemaker or PDF.
Feature 5077: Added support for German start of week for Schedules.
Feature 5080: Improved the archiving of attachments for Filemaker.
Feature 5084: The tour now has clickable icons instead of a text description.
Feature 5096: Removed option for "Exclude internal emails".
Feature 5097: When creating a new schedule and there is only one active plan then the plan is added to the schedule automatically.
Feature 5098: Information about active plans for schedules is now loaded for all schedules and not only the current one.
Feature 5101: Improved archiving speed for Mail.
Feature 5105: Added support to add a Proton Mail account.
Feature 5113: It's now possible to add an IMAP account manually.
Feature 5119: Notifications are now also shown when the app is in front.
Feature 5128: Select All now also works in the search field.
Feature 5137: Updated scripts for Valentina Server installer to use the new syntax for launchctl.
Feature 5139: When quitting and exporting the Settings the database of the Setup is now flushed to disk.
Feature 5143: The reset of the trial time is now handled automatically.
Feature 5144: It's now possible to do an option click to open and close all mailboxes in the Setup.
Feature 5146: Added check for attachments from Mail if they are really there.
Feature 5148: Improved speed of loading mailboxes for an account in the Setup.
Feature 5154: Added information about the license in the Settings/Preferences.
Feature 5177: Added check if the app is in the correct location for the scheduler.
Feature 5196: When archiving to PDF there is now a warning if the user or the documents folder are selected.
Feature 5197: Only Mail Archiver PDFs are now added to the cache.
Feature 5229: Improved recognition of default Thunderbird profile.
Feature 5248: Replaced the popup menu for the mailbox in the Filter window with a combobox which allows autocomplete.
Bug 4557: The checksum of emails without message id no longer is locale specific.
Bug 4784: Fixed a problem when resizing columns of the list of emails.
Bug 4877: Fixed a problem with parsing blockquotes.
Bug 4921: Fixed a problem with the add button in the statusbar for the mailboxes not being enabled.
Bug 4926: Improved handling of html attachments pretending to be a picture.
Bug 4940: Fixed a problem with parsing an attachment name.
Bug 4962: Improved loading of remote images.
Bug 5010: Valentina Server can now be started or quit in Server Management after the standard installer by Valentina Software has been installed.
Bug 5069: Improved flickering of controls when switching between plans.
Bug 5082: Fixed a problem with getting account information from Outlook.
Bug 5103: Fixed a problem when parsing attachments.
Bug 5104: After reparsing emails from Mail with external attachments the icons for the attachments now show up in the message body.
Bug 5106: When reparsing emails the attachment previews are now added correctly.
Bug 5129: Mailboxes are now sorted with natural sort in the Setup.
Bug 5131: Fixed the context menu in the list of emails for the Pro versions.
Bug 5141: Fixed a problem with Inbox prefixes not handled correctly for Thunderbird/Postbox.
Bug 5147: Fixed an error message "it's not possible to delete the plan".
Bug 5150: Fixed a problem with getting mailboxes from Outlook.
Bug 5153: Fixed a problem with exporting attachments from Mail.
Bug 5172: When archiving is cancelled the notification no longer shows "0 emails were archived".
Bug 5174: Fixed a problem with the notification showing the wrong number of emails archived when archiving mbox files.
Bug 5183: Improved resetting subcomponents to avoid a hard crash with AutoReleasePools.
Bug 5185: There is no longer an error -1728 when Mail doesn't have accounts.
Bug 5195: Ico files are not supported as image type.
Bug 5198: Added error handling for a NilObjectException when running a schedule.
Bug 5200: Fixed a problem with the local mailboxes in Thunderbird which couldn't be archived.
Bug 5203: When an attachment doesn't have an attachment name the default name is now "attachment" instead of the file ending.
Bug 5206: Fixed a NilObjectException when reloading mailboxes after getting "no mailboxes found".
Bug 5211: Fixed a rare problem with the email headers not downloaded in the correct order.
Bug 5214: Fixed a problem with getting the accounts from Outlook.
Bug 5221: Fixed a problem with the listboxes not showing correctly after changing the font size on Sonoma.
Bug 5223: Date ranges with the year 00xx will be changed to 20xx automatically.
Bug 5224: Fixed a hard crash when trying to resolve a non-existing alias.
Bug 5227: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting the mailboxes without result.
Bug 5230: Emails without date no longer show up as having the date 1.1.1970.
Bug 5232: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException for the AppLog.
Bug 5245: Fixed a NilObjectException when an external hard disk doesn't have a trash.
Bug 5249: Fixed a problem with a German date.

Version 7.0.6 15-Sep-2023

Feature 5213: Updated check for Mail folder on Sonoma.
Bug 5191: The expansion status of the list of mailboxes is loaded correctly again.
Bug 5192: Filenames for OneDrive are now being cleaned of characters that are not allowed.
Bug 5199: Fixed a problem with recognising duplicate emails for PDF.
Bug 5208: Fixed a problem with passwords for accounts not being saved.
Bug 5210: Little Snitch no longer blocks IMAP accounts without error message.
Bug 5212: When creating an IMAP account the account is no longer added with CRAM-MD5 as authentication for non-english languages.

Version 7.0.5 28-Jul-2023

Bug 5186: Fixed a NilObjectException when starting to archive from Mail and Mail quit.
Bug 5187: Fixed a problem with the scheduler helper app not being started.

Version 7.0.4 21-Jul-2023

Bug 5155: Fixed a hard crash when parsing emails.
Bug 5160: Fixed a rare problem where attachments were not loaded for Mail.
Bug 5164: Fixed an error message "Not possible to save an option" on Sonoma.
Bug 5165: Mail Archiver no longer shows a message "Mail Archiver wants to make changes" for every start on Sonoma.
Bug 5175: Fixed a problem with the check of the scheduler helper when starting the app.
Bug 5176: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when sorting plan names.
Bug 5179: Fixed an error "invalid index" when archiving from Outlook.
Bug 5181: Fixed a hard crash when doing a schedule with an email and "quit when finished".
Bug 5184: Fixed a problem with archiving iCloud mailboxes from Mail.

Version 7.0.3 5-Jun-2023

Feature 5142: Improved sending error reports to the ticket system.
Feature 5152: Increased the delay of starting the schedule after starting the computer from 3 to 5 minutes.
Bug 5133: Fixed an exception when checking an IMAP account after it was imported from Outlook.
Bug 5135: Fixed an OutOfBoundException when archiving Gmail emails from Mail.
Bug 5140: Fixed a problem with the last account for Thunderbird/Postbox missing.
Bug 5145: Fixed a problem for schedules not being executed.
Bug 5149: Fixed a problem with the "On my computer" mailboxes for Outlook not being translated correctly.
Bug 5151: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when archiving from Outlook.

Version 7.0.2 8-May-2023

Fixed a problem with the internal database version check from version 7.0.1.

Version 7.0.1 8-May-2023

Feature 5116: When starting Mail Archiver the first time and nothing was added to the Setup there is now a nicer message.
Bug 5111: Added error messages for a ThreadAccessingUIException when archiving.
Bug 5112: Starting Mail Archiver after updating from version 5 with tens of thousands of mailboxes in an archive, the email client or the IMAP accounts is now much faster.
Bug 5115: Link to manual in dmg is working again.
Bug 5121: When updating from version 6 a new schedule is now added correctly.
Bug 5127: It's possible again to send error reports.
Bug 5130: Fixed a problem with the button to reload the mailboxes in the Setup not showing up.

Version 7.0 28-Apr-2023

No changes.

Version 7.0 beta 1 24-Apr-2023

Feature 4219: All mailboxes now have modern scrollbars.
Feature 4249: Improved speed for Filemaker.
Feature 4255: It's now possible to have multiple schedules.
Feature 4563: Deleted files are not removed properly from the cache.
Feature 4831: On start up there is now a check if the LaunchAgent needs to be updated.
Feature 4853: Added tooltips to the bookmark section of the Management Server window.
Feature 4895: The launchctl commands now use the new version instead of the old one.
Feature 4901: The listbox now look more modern.
Feature 4946: Improved alignment of Setup window controls.
Feature 4957: Improved the information when archiving by days.
Feature 4961: The header now shows more data for CC and BCC. The To has a detail button to show all available recipients.
Feature 4967: Improved speed for selecting lots of mbox files.
Feature 4980: Added a check if the LaunchAgent for the scheduler helper app was loaded or not.
Feature 4988: It's now possible to drop a folder or multiple mbox, eml or text files to the dock icon for archiving.
Feature 4989: Started to add recommendation for PDF viewers.
Feature 4998: The tags and projects of MailTags are now set to Finder labels for PDFs.
Feature 5011: When uploading emails back into an account there is now a better check if the mailbox of the email was created correctly.
Feature 5012: When deleting a larger number of emails for IMAP the beachball no longer is shown.
Feature 5027: The default location of the internal database has been changed to the documents folder.
Feature 5041: The filename for PDF files now has 2 more options: Originator + Date and Date + Originator.
Feature 5047: Improved deletion of session logs for scheduler.
Feature 5050: Improve error handling for creation of PDFs.
Feature 5083: There is now a menu item to give a testimonial.
Feature 5086: When opening the app the first time a new plan is created. When adding an email client or IMAP account to a plan now "Archive all mailboxes" is selected by default.
Feature 5089: Improved distance of paragraphs for Microsoft emails.
Bug 4847: Improved archiving duplicate emails with case-sensitive message ids.
Bug 4869: Fixed a problem with remote content not being downloaded.
Bug 4909: Using Cmd-W when the purchase window is open no longer closes the app.
Bug 4913: When clicking on the area in the list of mailboxes below the mailboxes the buttons no longer become inactive.
Bug 4944: Added error message when trying to register with a non-gregorian calendar.
Bug 4945: Added check for gregorian calendar. Archiving does not work for other calendars.
Bug 4948: Added an error message for a NilObjectException when opening an archive to create a database dump.
Bug 4965: Emails without message bodies can be archived again.
Bug 4968: MAX no longer creates a folder in the documents folder with the app name and the version number.
Bug 4977: All listboxes are now sorted with a natural sort.
Bug 4981: It's not possible to use a Gmail app specific password for a non-Gmail domain.
Bug 4993: Plans are now run with a natural sort order.
Bug 4995: Fixed a problem with adding iCloud accounts.
Bug 4999: More improvements for PCRE crashes.
Bug 5001: The check for the email address in the error report window now allows more special characters like the +.
Bug 5003: Improved error handling when exporting emails.
Bug 5014: Improved error message when the user doesn't have the permissions to create an archive in a directory.
Bug 5025: Fixed a problem with getting the email date when moving emails to the trash for Mail.
Bug 5031: Fixed a problem with double mojibaked emails. There is now a new menu item to fix selected emails.
Bug 5038: Fixed another problem with mojibaked emails.
Bug 5039: Fixed a problem with jfif attachments.
Bug 5045: Fixed a problem with Internet Access Policy for Little Snitch.
Bug 5051: Fixed a database problem when using archives on a NAS.
Bug 5052: Fixed an error with the database diagnosis "Values have wrong order".
Bug 5053: It's no longer possible to open an archive in the trash of an external hard disk.
Bug 5055: Fixed a problem when importing Microsoft 365 accounts for Mail and Outlook.
Bug 5057: Fixed a problem with getting the mailboxes from Outlook.
Bug 5067: When archiving or deleting emails with a day range the dates of the range not longer are switched in the AppLog.
Bug 5072: Fixed a problem with the date of the date range not being saved correctly now and then.
Bug 5073: It's now possible to archive emails without subjects to PDF.
Bug 5075: Fixed wrong error message when cancelling an archival.
Bug 5078: Improved progress window not closing at the end of archiving.
Bug 5079: Fixed some problems with the translations of the "All Emails" mailbox from Gmail.
Bug 5081: The "All Emails" mailbox from Gmail is now archived last again.
Bug 5090: Added check for NilObjectException at the end of archiving.
Bug 5092: Context menu for list of emails now works for one-button mouse.
Bug 5095: Improved disk space checking when archiving runs out of free space.
Bug 5099: If the image attachment had a thumbnail the thumbnail no longer is used. Instead a larger preview of the attachment is created.
Bug 5100: Improved the cache for Gmail when archiving from Mail.
Bug 5102: Added workaround for attachment names showing in black for DarkMode.