User Reference: Version History 6

Version 6.0beta3: 7-Apr-2021

Archiving from Mail works again. Beta bug from beta 2.

Version 6.0beta2: 7-Apr-2021

Feature 4319: Added a small delay before terminating the app.
Feature 4377: When the folder of the archive doesn't exist or the hard disk of the archive isn't mounted then there is now a proper error message.
Feature 4401: There is now a confirmation dialog before deleting a plan.
Feature 4418: The help button in the Export window now has a label.
Bug 4398: When header and message body become out of synch for IMAP then there is now an error message and archiving is stopped.
Bug 4399: Searches in message body no longer are slow after the first time.
Bug 4402: Fixed another problem with remote content not being downloaded.
Bug 4403: MAX no longer skips the last session logs when sending an error report.
Bug 4407: Made Valentina logging invisible because it caused a hard crash when enabled. The feature is coming back in 6.1.
Bug 4408: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when changing the selected mailbox in the Setup.
Bug 4412: Mailboxes no longer show up under spam when archiving directly from Gmail.
Bug 4417: The help in the Export window no longer gets confused between clicking the icon and the disclosure triangle.
Bug 4420: Added an error message for an IOException when exporting to mbox.
Bug 4421: The error -1719 is now correctly ignore when moving emails to the trash for Mail.
Bug 4426: Added error message when having an IOException during starting Filemaker.
Bug 4427: Added a check for a NilObjectException when loading data after opening an archive.
Bug 4431: When uploading emails from Sent Messages the emails now end up in the correct mailbox.
Bug 4434: The register button in the Preferences window now selects the new file type for registration.
Bug 4435: When exporting to PDF then the options Date, Subject and Subject as filename are no longer mixed up.
Bug 4436: Template name for PDF is now saved correctly for non-English locale.
Bug 4437: When an account in Mail or Outlook doesn't download all attachments a yellow triangle is shown. This works again.

Version 6.0beta1: 22-Mar-2021

Feature 1945: It's now possible to have multiple archival setups called plans.
Feature 2424: The help in the Setup window doesn't use overlay windows anymore but text in a status bar.
Feature 4035: Build and install scripts now use zsh and not bash on newer versions of macOS.
Feature 4072: Improved memory footprint when archiving lots of emails.
Feature 4134: Brackets around email addresses aren't removed anymore.
Feature 4141: Improved progress window for diagnosis.
Feature 4175: Added new option for mbox export to use minimal set of fields which is useful when the archive has problems.
Feature 4182: The list of emails now uses the short date and not the abbreviated data.
Feature 4183: Installation result now shown with text and icon.
Feature 4184: Instead of creating a folder in Documents for each version there is now a main Mail Archiver folder.
Feature 4191: Added call stack for dialogs in the session log.
Feature 4194: "Email" is now being used instead of "mail" everywhere.
Feature 4195: Added better support for different versions when doing an update check.
Feature 4203: The font preferences for the message body work again.
Feature 4220: Improved mail header. The subject is now larger and the from is bold.
Feature 4231: More modern look for tabsheets.
Feature 4237: Greatly improved time to check if an email is already in the Filemaker database.
Feature 4244: In the time remaining window show the remaining days instead of the already used days.
Feature 4250: Added presets for creating IMAP accounts.
Feature 4251: Added support for Valentina logging.
Feature 4254: The date range selection for moving emails to the bin/deleting emails is now independent of the archiving date range.
Feature 4262: Emails are now sent from
Feature 4267: Added a purchase button to the time remaining window.
Feature 4269: Duplicate emails can now be moved to the trash.
Feature 4271: Add support for new style macOS notifications for Mojave and higher.
Feature 4279: Updated printing to work with WKHtmlViewer.
Feature 4305: Licenses are now valid for 2 years and don't depend on the version anymore. NOT a subscription.
Feature 4317: Added permission info when opening an archive fails with wrong permissions.
Bug 3809: Fixed a problem with an extraneous > when parsing an attachment with an image preview.
Bug 3950: The checkbox to select/deselect all mailboxes in the mailbox selection of the Setup no longer is editable when there is no mailbox to select.
Bug 3989: After clicking on the reload button in the mailbox selection of the Setup the mailboxes are no longer all closed.
Bug 4064: When the user name changed it wasn't possible to get the keychain entry for an IMAP account.
Bug 4081: Fixed problem with empty columns in the list of emails.
Bug 4142: The beachball no longer shows after archiving a lots of emails from AppleMail or mbox files.
Bug 4144: The Easy version no longer shows the full file path for the archive.
Bug 4174: The applog no longer shows 2 entries about the date range when archiving goes over more than one calendar day.
Bug 4187: When doing a diagnosis revolving arrows are shown again in the dock.
Bug 4214: Attachment is now being resized correctly after window has been resized.
Bug 4229: The mailbox context menu no longer can be shown when nothing can be changed.
Bug 4238: Fixed a problem with a > which could show up occasionally after an attachment.
Bug 4240: Fixed an error message "It wasn't possible to drag the selected mails to the new mailbox." when dragging more than 50k emails to another mailbox.
Bug 4243: After deleting a database in Pro Admin the minus button is now active.
Bug 4246: Added a check for iCloud when importing mbox files and exporting to PDF. In it's great wisdom Apple made not-downloaded files from iCloud like zombies which could lead to mbox files not being downloaded and PDF files being overwritten.
Bug 4259: Fixed a NilObjectException when trying to reparse without having emails selected.
Bug 4260: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when archiving from Mail.
Bug 4273: Added an error message for an OutOfBoundException during connecting to the index.
Bug 4275: Only load the ICU for the index once and not every time the index is opened.
Bug 4304: Fixed some punctuation problems when exporting to the Internal Database.
Bug 4314: MAX no longer hangs when archiving Gmail accounts from Mail for AppleSilicon.
Bug 4315: MAX no longer hands on AppleSilicon when archiving from Outlook.
Bug 4320: Fixed a problem with the progress showing the wrong information in rare cases.
Bug 4322: When archiving a date range the maximum day is now archived again.
Bug 4326: Fixed a hard crash when writing data to PDF or printing.
Bug 4328: Archiving to Filemaker no longer hangs for super long emails.
Bug 4337: Fixed a problem with archiving "duplicates in mailboxes" for archiving Gmail emails.
Bug 4338: Duplicate check no longer fails when archiving mbox files and "Archive duplicate emails in multiple mailboxes" is activated.
Bug 4344: When pressing the delete key for a server database name while in the file ending no longer ads the file ending again.
Bug 4346: Error messages when opening or creating an archive now show a correctly localised path.
Bug 4348: Fixed a problem when parsing emails.
Bug 4352: When trying to upload emails to an IMAP account and the upload fails there is now an error message.
Bug 4356: NilObjectException when moving emails to the trash in the Pro version.
Bug 4362: The date control no longer shows the background color of the window on macOS BS.
Bug 4364: Easy version now opens the archive after switching languages.
Bug 4376: Archiving no longer starts again after cancelling getting data for Gmail and preparing the duplicate check for PDF.
Bug 4378: CMYK images are now shown correctly in the message body.
Bug 4379: Fixed a problem with urls not being recognised.
Bug 4384: Fixed several problems when downloading external content.
Bug 4388: When hiding the dock the main window now get smaller when maximised.
Bug 4389: Mailboxes with "trash" in the name are no longer recognised as trash mailbox for Mail.
Bug 4395: Fixed a ThreadAlreadyRunningException when requesting a trial extension.




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