User Reference: Version History

3.2.8 25-Jan-2016

Bug 2746: MAX no longer hangs when trying to contact an IMAP server without having a connection to the internet.
Bug 2744/2745: Dragging and dropping mails to another mailbox works again.

3.2.7 04-Jan-2016

Bug 2714: Archiving stops too early when archiving Inbox and Sent Messages.
Fixed problem with Valentina so that archiving doesn't show Chinese characters in header data.

3.2.6 28-Dec-2015 (don't use!!!)

Bug 2706: More work on the problem with the progress window not hiding after archival or export.
Bug 2708: Some users still had problems with the V3 folder on El Capitan.
Bug 2716: Fixed a problem with timeouts during moving mails to the trash for Mail.
Bug 2718: Fixed a problem where MBOX files couldn't be read back into Mail on 10.9.
Bug 2731: Fixed a NilObjectException when trying to archive from Outlook with Outlook not on the computer.

3.2.5 29-Nov-2015

Bug 2698: Another fix for locating the mailboxes on El Capitan for AppleMail.
Bug 2703: Checking the IMAP account now works again after canceling archival.

3.2.4 16-Nov-2015

Bug 2687: Fixed a problem when exporting to Evernote.
Bug 2688: The free account for Evernote is now recognized correctly again.
Bug 2690: Filemaker export no longer hangs when exporting messages.
Bug 2392: Local mailboxes for El Capitan are now found when V2 isn't completely migrated to V3.
Bug 2393: Fixed a problem with IMAP mails not being archived correctly.
Bug 2695: When renaming mailboxes then mailboxes with a similar start are no longer renamed, too.
Bug 2696: MAX no longer crashes hard on quit in fullscreen for El Capitan.

3.2.3 12-Oct-2015

Bug 2685: MAX no longer crashes when getting date range and one date is empty.

3.2.2 12-Oct-2015

Added support for Mail on El Capitan.
Feature 2674: Added an option to print the header for PDFs.
Bug 2643: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting partial mails from Mail.
Bug 2651: Fixed an Error "object of type 'int' has no len() " when archiving from IMAP.
Bug 2659: Fixed a problem with the schedule not being done.
Bug 2662: Fixed a problem with attachments.
Bug 2667: Some mailbox translations were missing from Outlook.
Bug 2668: Fixed a fatal error for Python when Python is installed on the computer
Bug 2671: Fixed an unhandled exception when closing the Setup window.
Bug 2675: Fixed a problem where the app complained about not enough space available.
Bug 2672: Fixed a hard crash from reading preferences.
Bug 2678: There is now a proper error message when the helper folder for the Filemaker export can't be created.
Bug 2689: When exporting attachments to Filemaker the files no longer have a BOM.
Bug 2681: Mail in El Capitan no longer crashes with exported mbox files.
Bug 2682: Fixed a problem with hebrew text where the mails were empty.
Bug 2682: There is no longer an error message from the Finder when exporting an inline attachment to Evernote.
Bug 2684: Attachments are exported again to Evernote.

3.2.1 13-Aug-2015

Bug 2655: There is no constant beep anymore when starting Mail Archiver and it doesn't hang. Occurred when archiving by date.
Bug 2656: The progress window at the end of archival no longer stays open occasionally.

3.2 10-Aug-2015

Feature 2610: Added a permissions check for the installer.
Bug 2578: Fixed a problem with all Outlook scripts failing. Outlook is now addressed with it's full path.
Bug 2606: When the password for IMAP is not correct the mailbox window doesn't show "number of arguments" anymore.
Bug 2607: Duplicate checking for Filemaker now works better.
Bug 2609: Fixed a problem with the permissions after installing.
Bug 2612: The wizard starts now at the very first launch of the application.
Bug 2618: The standard port for IMAP is now set correctly at startup.
Bug 2623: Fixed a problem with the date of a mail.
Bug 2627: Moving mails to trash no longer fails with an error 35.
Bug 2628: Search is now enabled after archival again.
Bug 2629: Fixed a JsonException when getting inline attachments.
Bug 2649: Fixed a crash when getting all pref values.
Bug 2651: Fixed a problem with getting mails with IMAP.

3.2 beta 7 12-Apr-2015

Bug 2578: Fixed a problem with all Outlook scripts failing. Outlook is now addressed with it's full path.
Bug 2580: Printing works again on Yosemite.
Bug 2603: When Postbox can't be quit there is now an error message.
Bug 2604: Mailboxes with a "\" in the name can be archived again from Outlook.
Exporting to Filemaker works again.

3.2 beta 6 27-Mar-2015

Bug 2566: Fixed a hard crash when reading huge mbox files.
Bug 2574: The mailbox rename window is now always at the correct position.
Bug 2576: It's again possible to archive from Outlook.
Bug 2577: Fixed a problem with attachments missing in Filemaker.
Fixed a hard crash when opening archives.

3.2 beta 5 17-Mar-2015

Bug 2494: The selection entry of the toolbar item for exporting is active again when it should be.
Bug 2526: Fixed a problem where the scheduler would start the app, but wouldn't run the archival.
Bug 2552: When exporting to Filemaker there shouldn't be any timeouts.
Bug 2553: Fixed a problem with StatHat.
Feature 2557: Added a check for the Filemaker export if the layouts are available.
Bug 2558/2563: Fixed 2 other problems when exporting to Filemaker.
Bug 2564: Fixed a problem for the Tour under Retina.
Bug 2568: QuickLookIcons shouldn't crash any longer under specific situations.
Bug 2571: Fixed a problem for catching error when running an AppleScript.
Bug 2572: Getting all preferences doesn't crash any longer with a JsonException.

3.2 beta 4 10-Feb-2015

Archiving Imap works again.
Bug 2534: Fixed a problem with archiving umlauts when archiving Gmail in Mail.
Bug 2538: Fixed a problem with sorting by date in Filemaker.
Bug 2541: Added "bin" as translation for trash.
Bug 2548: When archiving to Filemaker the dates are now exported correctly again.
Bug 2549: The installer no longer contains the wrong application version when building is done a second time.

3.2 beta 3 2-Feb-2015

Bug 2525: The installer no longer fails with a size warning (from beta 2).
Bug 2527: Fixed a problem with archiving mbox files.
Bug 2531: When selecting a mailbox with fewer mails than the last mailbox there is now a mail selected.
Bug 2535: When selecting folders it's now possible again to navigate into them when the parent folder ends with "mbox".
Bug 2536: It's possible to archive a mail with a "\" in the name from Mail again.
Bug 2537: When the application starts the first time showing the Wizard and an archive needs to be converted then the application no longer goes to a deadlock.

3.2 beta 2 12-Jan-2015

Feature 2481: After creating a dump the archive is now closed automatically.
Feature 2504: The "All mails" mailbox from Gmail is now archived last.
Bug 2487: Fixed an error message "library not loaded" after starting MAX.
Bug 2488: Fixed a problem when exporting files to Filemaker.
Bug 2489: Made a better error message when Filemaker is taking it's time to start and MAX get's a timeout message.
Bug 2490: The scheduler now quits when installing Mail Archiver.
Bug 2494: Fixed a problem with the selection in the list of mails not being recognized.
Bug 2495: Fixed a problem with the scheduler not quitting when it should.
Bug 2497: Added a workaround for a hard crash when doing a regex for AppleMail.
Bug 2515: Gmail is now archived again correctly for AppleMail.
Bug 2519: Fixed a KeyNotFoundException when AppleScript didn't have error information.
Bug 2520: Fixed an UnsupportedFormatException when getting Quicklook icons.

3.2 beta 1 17-Dec-2014

Feature 1999: The text in the screen when no database is open is now clickable, too.
Feature 2011: Changed the default order of the toolbar.
Feature 2075: The build scripts were improved.
Feature 2082: Changed the dump format from xml to sql.
Feature 2248: Instead of just starting to archive the Menu item "New archive" now makes a new empty archive instead.
Feature 2277: Mail Archive can now send data to StatHat to get information about the useage.
Feature 2286: When the installer fails it's now possible to send the session logs.
Feature 2296: Made it a bit more obvious in the Registration part of the Preferences that a license file can be dropped on the window.
Feature 2303: Improved the bottom margin of the header.
Feature 2319: Changed the way the data is written to Valentina to improve speed.
Feature 2321: When archiving mbox files it's now possible to either select files or a folder.
Feature 2337: Renamed "Archive mbox" to "Import mbox".
Feature 2349: Filemaker import was redone to use xml/AppleScript instead of AppleScript
Feature 2352: Added help for the Preferences.
Feature 2357: Getting the data for a lot of files is now much faster.
Feature 2361: The wizard has been simplified.
Feature 2371: Finally mails can be moved to the trash for Imap.
Feature 2372: Added new icons for the status bar.
Feature 2376: Now only the latest session logs are sent for main app, installer and scheduler.
Feature 2381: Improved the basic parsing operation.
Feature 2393: The helper app is now according to the latest Apple rules.
Feature 2394: Implemented support for AppNapp.
Feature 2409: Added support for archiving directly from Office 365 Exchange.
Feature 2426: Added timeout for checking the Imap connection.
Feature 2427: For Yosemite the default font is now "Helvetica Neue".
Feature 2434: Added more information to the notifications.
Feature 2439: Removed the "Archive checked" button in the mailbox selection window.
Feature 2440: Improved the security of the Imap password.
Feature 2450: The header information is now selectable.
Bug 1994/2310: Fixed a problem with sorting.
Bug 2125: Even if a pdf has no name it now shows a preview.
Bug 2249: Double-clicking an archive now opens it again instead of a recent archive.
Bug 2305: The progress window now shows longer mailbox paths correctly.
Bug 2306: When loading a dump file it's now again only possible to select the correct files.
Bug 2307: Attachments are sorted correctly again.
Bug 2308: When a mail is in the trash the menu item to delete a mail is no longer active.
Bug 2314: Improved the session log entries for the scheduler.
Bug 2342: Fixed a problem with remembering mailboxes.
Bug 2351: The proxy icon no longer gets missing when the second archive is opened.
Bug 2358: The session log window comes now to front when it's already open and the menu item is selected again.
Bug 2359: When a mail had no date is was improperly reported as "out of date range".
Bug 2360: Public folders are now excluded from Imap archival.
Bug 2363: Line attachments in a text attachment are now shown correctly.
Bug 2367: Added a nice error message when a table isn't found instead of crashing rudely.
Bug 2369: There is now a nice error message when the user hasn't entered a password for Imap.
Bug 2377: Toolbar items are now disabled properly when the database is closed.
Bug 2379: The attachment info (size and icon) wasn't reset properly when no attachment was shown.
Bug 2384: There is now an additional check for the deletion of the journal file.
Bug 2385: The option "quit when finished" now works again.
Bug 2387: Html attachments are archived in all cases now correctly again.
Bug 2388: Fixed some minor retina issues.
Bug 2389: Fixed an i/o error when exporting duplicate attachments.
Bug 2391: Fixed a odd problem with the scheduler: when the scheduler was running and the computer was restarted then there were some recovered files in the trash.
Bug 2392: Fixed some NilObjectExceptions when starting and immediately quitting Mail Archiver.
Bug 2395: After disconnecting a second monitor the main window now shows properly.
Bug 2398: The Setup window now only shows a last scheduled date when there was one.
Bug 2402: Removed support for Growl. Mail Archiver now only uses native notifications.
Bug 2410: Added translations for the draft mailbox (only German was available before).
Bug 2411: Fixed a problem with the toolbar when changing from a larger to a smaller monitor.
Bug 2418: Fixed a problem with remembering mailboxes when only trash or spam were to be archived.
Bug 2425: Fixed a problem with children of mailboxes not changed when the parent was changed in the mailbox selection window.
Bug 2428: Mailboxes from Mail with a "\" in the name no longer give an error message.
Bug 2429: Thunderbird and Postbox show all mailboxes again instead of the first 2 levels.
Bug 2443: Fixed some problems when archiving from Imap.
Bug 2447: Fixed a problem when archiving a mailbox with a "\" to Filemaker.

3.1 beta 11 22-Oct-2014

Bug 2406: Fixed a hard crash when archiving with the scheduler and the option "Quit when finished". This also fixes a hard crash when archiving to Filemaker.
Bug 2415: Fixed a problem with mailboxes from Exchange not showing correctly.
Bug 2416: Fixed an exception when exporting attachments with pdf.
Bug 2420: Fixed a problem with a mail that wasn't parsed correctly.

3.1 beta 10 28-Sep-2014

Feature 2365: Added file ending to session logs.
Bug 2316: Mails without date are no longer skipped.
Bug 2366/2378: Fixed 2 problems with Outlook mailboxes.
Bug 2370: Fixed a NilObjectException when saving preferences.
Bug 2373: Fixed a problem with getting the number of mails in a mailbox for Imap.
Bug 2405: Error -1719 when moving mails to the trash for Mail is now ignored.
Bug 2407: Fixed a problem when archiving mails for Imap.
Bug 2414: Fixed a hard crash when trying to change the search menu.

3.1 beta 9 11-Aug-2014

Feature 2288: Added "Send session logs" to Installer.
Feature 2353: Select same mailbox as before closing the archive.
Feature 2355: Optimized the start sequence when opening an archive.
Feature 2362: Added a menu entry for locating crash logs.
Bug 1832: A mailbox no longer shows up as empty after opening an archive.
Bug 2345: Fixed a crash when parsing dates.
Bug 2350: Fixed a problem with app signing.

3.1 beta 8 14-Jul-2014

Bug 2196: Fixed a crash after doing the registration.
Bug 2304: The search is now reset properly.
Bug 2316: Mails without date are now archived again.
Bug 2320: When the application is quit from the scheduler there is no longer a crash.
Bug 2322: Fixed a NilObjectException when loading the selection for the mailbox window.
Bug 2323: Registration icon is now shown correctly for Retina screens.
Bug 2324: Fixed a NilObjectException when selecting mailboxes.
Bug 2325: Filemaker is now quit/restarted correctly.
Bug 2334: Fixed a problem with archiving mails from mbox files.
Bug 2335: Fixed a NilObjectException when checking free memory.
Bug 2339: When replying to a mail for a default client that isn't supported by MAX then Entourage isn't opened any longer.
Bug 2340: Removed the Imap prefix field in the Setup.
Bug 2341: Printing with the header template now shows returns again correctly.
Bug 2342: Mailboxes now reset when changing between email client and Imap.
Bug 2343: There is now an error message when moving mails to the trash for Eudora on Lion and higher.
Bug 2344: Duplicate mails are no longer exported to Filemaker in some cases.

3.1 beta 7 5-Jul-2014

Feature 2284: Removed change restrictions for Sent Messages and Inbox mailboxes.
Feature 2287: Added "Show Session Logs in Finder" to Installer.
Feature 2300: Change zooming to native behavior.
Bug 2099: Fixed a problem with an unspecified errors when exporting to PDF.
Bug 2192: When archiving from Imap it no longer hangs when archiving a larger number of mails in a mailbox.
Bug 2196: Fixed a NilObjectException in the Preferences window.
Bug 2207: Fixed NilObjectException when setting up Valentina in the main window.
Bug 2209/2210: Added a size check for large mails, which were crashing MAX. The mail is ignored for now.
Bug 2218//2295/2299: Fixed 3 problems with remembering mailboxes.
Bug 2219: The Session Log window no longer gets higher with every open.
Bug 2239: The window to change a mailbox name is no longer in wrong place when the list of mailboxes was scrolled down.
Bug 2240: The window to change a mailbox name now comes from front when the application comes to front.
Bug 2243: Fixed a problem with exported mbox files when importing those into Mail.
Bug 2245/2247: It's now possible to archive Imap mail from Yahoo and Domain Factory.
Bug 2252: Both reindexing and diagnosing a database doesn't show "not responding" anymore.
Bug 2253: Fixed an Exception when hiding the secret window for printing.
Bug 2258: The time for the last archival of the scheduler is now shown correctly in the help of the Setup.
Bug 2261: Fixed a problem with Evernote.
Bug 2262: Fixed a problem parsing inline attachments from Mail.
Bug 2275: Fixed an error message when archiving from Outlook.
Bug 2282: Fixed a problem for archiving the Inbox mailbox for Outlook.
Bug 2285: Fixed an exception when checking for free space.
Bug 2290: Fixed a problem with the mailbox context menu for Retina displays.
Bug 2291: Fixed a problem with larger fonts not showing in the list of mails.
Bug 2297: Sped up archiving from Mail by 25-40%.

3.1 beta 6 26-Mar-2014

Bug 2105: Opening both Wizard and Setup window is fast again.
Bug 2126: RTF files are created correctly again.
Bug 2193/2197: Fixed some issues for parsing MailTags.
Bug 2194: The scheduler works again when the computer is shut off over night.
Bug 2195: Fixed a NilObjectException when parsing Imap mails.
Bug 2196: Fixed a NilObjectException in the Registration area of the Preferences.
Bug 2208: Fixed a problem with showing the number of mails in the status bar on Retina displays.
Bug 2211: Fixed a problem with getting Outlook's Inbox.
Bug 2212: Fixed a problem with the navigation at the end of archiving to Filemaker.
Bug 2215: Mails are moved to the trash again for Mail.
Bug 2217: Added a Filemaker 12 file.

3.1 beta 4 9-Mar-2014

Bug 2105: Opening both Wizard and Setup window is fast again.
Bug 2131: Powermail and Postbox aren't switched anymore.
Bug 2134/2155: There is no longer a NilObjectException when showing help for the scheduler.
Bug 2149: Only one version of Filemaker is started for archiving.
Bug 2154: There is no longer and error -2741 when moving mails to the trash in Mail.
Bug 2158: Fixed a NilObjectException when sorting mailboxes.
Bug 2159: Fixed a ThreadAccessingUIException when launching Filemaker.
Bug 2160: Fixed a ThreadAccessingUIException when canceling printing.
Bug 2161: The progress bar is showing correct values again when exporting to pdf.
Bug 2191: Mailboxes are correctly moved to Filemaker again and without duplicates.

3.1 beta 3 22-Feb-2014

Feature 2104: The cursor now changes when over icons that act as buttons.
Bug 2034: Fixed a problem with archiving Gmail from Mail.
Bug 2038: Imap accounts with a "." as mailbox divider can now be archived.
Bug 2040: Improved the progress when rebuilding the index after cleaning.
Bug 2047: The Scheduler no longer starts itself in a rare condition after every minute.
Bug 2054: Fixed an UnsupportedFormatException when parsing MailTags.
Bug 2056: Email addresses are now trimmed when sending error reports so that white space is ignored.
Bug 2059: The checkboxes in the mailbox selection window now show up for Retina displays.
Bug 2061: The logo now shows up correctly in the Installer for Retina displays.
Bug 2063: Fixed the error 22 when sending out error reports.
Bug 2067: Fixed a problem with app signing.
Bug 2064: Fixed a NilObjectException when loading mailboxes.
Bug 2068: Fixed some console messages.
Bug 2071: Fixed a problem with showing the registration image after registration.
Bug 2072: Added help to the export window.
Bug 2080: Fixed a problem with Growl.
Bug 2081: After loading a dump there is no longer an error message that the file doesn't exist.
Bug 2084: Error reports can now be sent multiple times.
Bug 2085: After setting the mailbox selection window to remember the mailboxes aren't longer selected when archiving again.
Bug 2086: When changing Imap accounts the old mailboxes aren't archived any longer.
Bug 2087: When sending an error report the app no longer shows the send error report window again at the next start of the app.
Bug 2103: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when showing the status bar.

3.1 beta 2 20-Jan-2014

Bug 2046: Checking for free space is done more often than once per mailbox.
Bug 2048: Mail Archiver no longer crashes when showing the error report window.
Bug 2051: Mail Archiver no longer crashes after every archival.
Bug 2052: Fixed an exception during diagnose.
Bug 2053: Fixed an exception when starting the scheduler a second time.

3.1 beta 1 12-Jan-2014

Feature 121: Direct archival for one Imap account has been added.
Feature 384: The export button for the attachments is now only enabled when there is an attachment.
Feature 404: Basic support for MailTags has been added.
Feature 1234: There is no longer a beep when changing the mailbox name and clicking outside of the window.
Feature 1334: Trash and spam mailboxes can be be archived.
Feature 1350: The tabsheets have a bit more modern look.
Feature 1620: Filemaker server is now supported.
Feature 1719: Duplicates are now recognized when exporting to pdf.
Feature 1767: Checking for duplicate mails is now much faster.
Feature 1770: The start screen has a nicer look.
Feature 1788: The mailbox renaming window has an improved look.
Feature 1807: When the Filemaker archive has been moved to the trash it can't be archived to.
Feature 1814: Added support for retina displays.
Feature 1815: The search has been moved to the toolbar.
Feature 1816: Added a window menu.
Feature 1849: Improved the speed of loading of attachment previews.
Feature 1858: When archiving to Filemaker has problem the cache archive is copied to the desktop.
Feature 1859: Removed the old ODBC code.
Feature 1860: Export to Filemaker is now independent of the layouts.
Feature 1862: Mailboxes with similar names like Sent and Sent Messages are now archived to the same mailbox.
Feature 1870: Moving mails to the trash for Mail has been optimized.
Feature 1888: Exporting multiple attachments works again.
Feature 1892: Added information about attachments.
Feature 1899: There is now a check for space.
Feature 1900: Updating the archives can now be cancelled.
Feature 1907: When dragging-and-dropping into a mailbox the focus ring has a nicer look.
Feature 1921: Recent items are removed when they are in the trash.
Feature 1937: Sub-mailboxes can now be excluded from archiving.
Feature 1944: Added a check for creating files larger than 4 GB. This used to crash the app on USB keys.
Feature 1956: Added a check when moving mails to the trash so that mails are really archived.
Feature 1965: When archiving mailboxes the mailbox path now starts at the selection.
Feature 1974: The progress bar for the mailbox doesn't update for every mailbox anymore.
Feature 1988: When exporting is't now possible to export the sub-mailboxes of the selected mailboxes, too.
Feature 2016: Renamed "select mailboxes" to "archive checked mailboxes" in Mailbox Selection window.
Feature 2017: When “Archive by date” is not selected then the fields that belong to this are now disabled.
Feature 2020: Added help for wizard and export window and removed old yellow help boxes.
Feature 2030: Added support for mailboxes with a “:” in a mailbox name for AppleMail.
Bug 324: Filter out some not-needed Entourage folders.
Bug 1698: Improved speed of getting mailboxes from mail clients.
Bug 1747: Improved appearance for mailboxes of AppleMail.
Bug 1750: When an account has an Imap prefix and the Inbox from this account was selected for archiving every mailbox was archived.
Bug 1971: Fixed a memory leak when archiving from Entourage.
Bug 1977: Fixed an error when archiving from AppleMail.
Bug 1978: There is now an error message shown if the scheduler has problems.
Bug 1833: Fixed a problem where a mail was missing returns.
Bug 1835: Fixed a problem where a mail was containing leftovers from the boundary.
Bug 1836/1838/1840/: Fixed problems with incorrectly recognized encodings.
Bug 1846: Added a Cancel button in the progress window to make Cancel "take" better.
Bug 1881: Fixed a problem with the "from" of a mail.
Bug 1887: Outlook and Powermail now can have a ":" in the mailbox name.
Bug 1901: Improved the check for Imap mailboxes for Outlook.
Bug 1910: Added a file menu to the installer.
Bug 1926: The main window is no longer in the background when exporting to pdf.
Bug 1929: Fixed a problem which resulted in an error message "Lost connection to archive".
Bug 1935: When changing the export format the format is recognized correctly.
Bug 1936: Fixed a problem where the recent item wasn't found after it was moved.
Bug 1940: Improved speed when archiving large mailboxes.
Bug 1942: The attachment listbox has no longer has the attachment names cut off.
Bug 1966: Fixed a crash when deleting mailboxes.
Bug 1968: Fixed a problem with saving the date of the last executed schedule.
Bug 1970: When there was no attachment names the name is no longer the folder of the app.
Bug 1972: Fixed a NilObjectException in parseMozillaIni.
Bug 1973: Fixed a problem with attachment names.
Bug 1979: Fixed a problem with the scheduler not quitting.
Bug 1981: The background print window is now hidden again.
Bug 1982: Fixed a NilObjectException when checking Filemaker memory.
Bug 1985: The background colors of the pdfs are printed again.
Bug 1991: Fixed an IOException when extending the trial time.
Bug 1993: Fixed some issues when exporting to Evernote.
Bug 1996: When the database doesn't have the tables created properly this is now done a second time.
Bug 2005: When Growl isn't found notifications are used instead.
Bug 2002: When the mailboxes can't be changed the plus, minus and gear icons are no longer active.
Bug 2005: Fixed a console message when doing a Growl notification.
Bug 2012: When showing session logs in Finder the first file in the folder is now selected instead of the folder itself.
Bug 2021: The proxy icon wasn’t shown after opening an archive.
Bug 2025: Added a check when the mail client is not supported.

3.0.5 2-Oct-2013

Bug 1968: Fixed a bug introduced in 3.0.4 where dates weren't saved correctly to the preferences.

3.0.4 24-Sep-2013

Feature 1946: Added cc to the print report.
Feature 1957: Added an indent to the list of mails.
Bug 1929: Added a workaround for the error "Lost connection to archive" after opening a second archive.
Bug 1963: Fixed a problem, which resulted in an empty mail body was.
Bug 1964: Added a warning when opening a newer archive.
Bug 1954/1962: Fixed some problems moving mails to the trash for Mail.
Bug 1953: Fixed a problem where the Filemaker archive wasn't recognized.
Bug 1951: Mailboxes with a & are now shown correctly again.
Bug 1950: Fixed a problem with the scheduler when "Start missed" was selected. This also fixes a crash after cancelling archival.
Bug 1943: Fixed a problem where attachment names were not complete.
Bug 1948: Fixed a crash when reading dates.

3.0.3 10-Jun-2013

Feature 1824: Add the option to import mails with their original date.
Bug 1894: Fixed a problem getting the mailfolder for Eudora.
Bug 1904: Fixed a problem with moving mails to trash for Outlook.
Bug 1912: Fixed a problem starting Evernote.
Removed debugging code making Mail Archiver much faster again.

3.0.2 8-May-2013

Fixed a crash bug for Snow Leopard.

3.0.1 6-May-2013

Feature 1868: Added an option for the pdf export: Only the subject can now be the name of a pdf file. Also the sent date of a mail is now the creation date of the pdf file.
Feature 1861: MAX now works with smaller screens.
Feature 1857: Removed the option to export to Filemaker with ODBC.
Feature 1851: When preparing a folder of email for archiving there is now a better label than "Starting…”.
Feature 1828/1829: Small interface improvements for wizard/setup.
Feature 1787: When the data in an archive needs to be verified the user now gets information about this.
Feature 1876: The complete mailbox path is now exported to Filemaker.
Bug 1827: The crash logs are now sent more reliably.
Bug 1817: Added a workaround for a memory leak in Filemaker.
Bug 1847: There is no longer NilObjectException when counting files.
Bug 1854: Improved archiving mail in a date range.
Bug 1853: Fixed a problem with archiving from Filemaker.
Bug 1867: Improved the size of the scheduler logs.
Bug 1871: Improved mail parsing for small issue.
Bug 1891: Fixed a problem with archiving mailboxes from Postbox.
Bug 1889: When renaming mailboxes the character “:” is now being ignored.
Bug 1855: The Scheduler wasn’t working properly without "Start Missed” selected.
Bug 1848: Fixed a problem with moving mails to the trash for Mail.

3.0 5-Mar-2013

Feature 1809: Added support for latest version of Evernote.
Bug 1819: Fixed a problem opening an archive.
Bug 1818: Fixed a problem with date handling when trying to load a database dump.
Bug 1813: No longer crashes when archiving many mails from Mail via AppleScript.
Bug 1802/1810: Fixed 2 problems with a mailbox not being archived in Mail.
Bug 1845: Fixed a memory problem when cleaning attachments.
Bug 1766: Fixed NilObjectException when parsing Eudora attachments.
Bug 1830: Fixed a problem with Thunderbird utf7 mailboxes.
Bug 1843: Fixed a problem with attachments not being deleted when exporting to Filemaker.

3.0 beta 3 27-Dec-2012

Feature 1794: Removed one option from Cleaning.
Feature 1799: The buttons in the mailbox list are now disabled when no archive is open.
Feature 1806: There is now a nicer error message when MAX can't talk to Evernote.
Bug 1781: Mail Archiver no longer crashes occasionally when getting the number of mails for a Mail mailbox.
Bug 1783: The application no longer is started every minute when the option "Start missed" wasn't selected.
Bug 1785: Fixed a problem with a Valentina exception during quit.
Bug 1789: Fixed a NilObjectException in the scheduler.
Bug 1790: The Scheduler no longer wants to run Mail Archiver every minute when “Start missed” is not selected.
Bug 1793: Fixed an error when archiving from Entourage.
Bug 1796: The link to the manual in the dmg file has been corrected.
Bug 1797: Added warning for Entourage/Outlook to do rebuild the database before starting to archive.
Bug 1802: Fixed a problem where a mailbox from AppleMail wasn't archived.

3.0 beta 2 26-Nov-2012

Feature 1744: The manual is now available online.
Feature 1761: User name and email address are now read from the address book in the Error Report Window.
Feature 1762: When exporting to PDF there is now an additional option to change the name divider.
Feature 1768: When the database is only half baked there is now a nicer error message.
Feature 1773: The wording of the application log has been improved.
Bug 1757: Fixed a crash when writing to the session log.
Bug 1758: The log is now cut off again at 1 MB.
Bug 1753: Added a workaround for the hard crash accessing folderitem.item(index).
Bug 1764: Fixed a rare crash while cleaning html.
Bug 1772: Fixed a crash while removing plist date from Mail files.
Bug 1777: The speed of cleaning has been improved for longer mails.
Bug 1779: The field MainDateTime is now calculated correctly in Filemaker.
Bug 1780: Mail Archiver X no longer shows a Runtime Error when installing over an older version.

3.0 beta 1 15-Oct-2012

(Feature 1730) Removed CheckSum field.
(Feature 1709) It’s now possible to export to PDF with the header information of a mail.
(Feature 1708) Added support for Filemaker 12.
(Feature 1705) When importing mboxes it’s now possible to import a complete folder with subfolders.
(Feature 1685) It’s now not possible to export to Filemaker if no database is selected.
(Feature 1685) When no Filemaker database is selected for archival there is now a warning.
(Feature 1684) Longer help text can now be shown with attached windows.
(Feature 1683) When exporting only formats are shown that can be used. xml for instance only can be used when exporting the complete database.
(Feature 1661) Removing duplicate mails is now handled automatically.
(Feature 1660) It’s now possible to select all mails via key combo.
(Feature 1657) You can now double click on a registration file to register.
(Feature 1642) Searching is now much faster.
(Feature 1640/1669) Export data has been added to the application log.
(Feature 1611) The list of the mail clients in the Setup now has icons.
(Feature 1604/1677) It’s now possible to export a selection of mails for some formats.
(Feature 1590) The search box is now a Cocoa one.
(Feature 1587) Improved menu commands for archiving and selecting all mails.
(Feature 1586) Added export to rtf format.
(Feature 1566) When exporting to Filemaker duplicates are no longer exported.
(Feature 1557) When exporting to pdf and mbox the mailbox structure is now preserved.
(Feature 1526) The export location is now set directly after selecting mailboxes.
(Feature 1517) When using Mail Archiver for the first time the user is guided through the setup process with a version of the wizard.
(Feature 1511) Getting all mailboxes is faster.
(Feature 1349) The toolbar icons for Reply/Forward have been made clearer.
(Feature 1340) The selection of the mail list has been improved.
(Feature 1331) Remember/select all has been moved to the mailbox selection window.
(Feature 1255) Font and font size can be changed for display.
(Feature 1095/1623) Valentina archives have a standard location.
(Feature 968) Mails can be archived on a schedule.
(Feature 878) It’s possible to delete attachments individually and for the selected mails.
(Feature 401/1607) Exporting data is now less confusing than before.
(Feature 368) There is now a wizard for easier setup.
(Feature 319) Preferences and Setup now have undo.
(Feature 317) Toolbar items are not enabled and disabled based on context like the menubar items.
(Bug 1591) Selecting all text in the error report window no longer goes to the window below.
(Bug 1697) Fixed a problem with a NilObjectException during diagnose.
(Bug 1695) Searching for ‘ is now possible.
(Bug 1694) “ are properly escaped when replying to a mail.
(Bug 1676) When exporting to text the header is correct again.
(Bug 1671) When reindexing the progress window is now shown.
(Bug 1662) The archival is no longer getting slower the bigger the archive gets.
(Bug 1644) UU encoded files now longer make a IO exception.
(Bug 1710) When the port 25 was closed it wasn’t possible to send a mail to Moth Software. There is now a timeout and an alternate port available.

2.7.4 31-Mar-2012

(Bug 1663) Filemaker shows no longer a temp mailbox name.
(Bug 1664) HeaderRest is now exported to Filemaker.
(Bug 1672) Exchange no longer crashes in MakeMailboxMail.FindChild.
(Bug 1674) Fixed a problem when archiving from Entourage
(Bug 1692) Fixed a problem with corrupt attachments.
(Feature 1658) The dmg files has been reorganized a bit.
(Feature 1659) The check for updates is now default.
(Feature 1678) The NNTP Header has been moved to Received.

2.7.3 7-Feb-2012

Fixed a problem with old registration not being recognized.

2.7.2 6-Feb-2012

(Feature 1645) Added a menu item for showing the session logs on disk.
(Bug 915) When cleaning odd html there is no longer a StackOverflowException.
(Bug 1627) When the trial is expired the lozenges now show up correctly.
(Bug 1638) When exporting to PDF the attachments aren’t longer exported 2 times.
(Bug 1643) Improved error handling when exporting to Filemaker.
(Bug 1649) Exporting to Filemaker with ODBC doesn’t work on 10.6. Not fixable.
(Bug 1650) Sorting by Mailbox, Date works again.
(Bug 1652) Fixed a problem finding Postbox mailboxes.
(Bug 1653) Improved error handling when sending session logs.
(Bug 1654) Fixed another problem with Aquatic Prime.
Fixed a problem where the scrolling in the mail listbox didn't stop.

2.7.1 2-Jan-2012

(Feature 1637) Added support for Postbox 3.
(Feature 1636) Greatly improved speed of Outlook archival.
(Feature 1624) Mails from AppleMail weren’t archived in a rare case.
(Feature 1121) Changed from using zip to dmg for the download.
Fixed a problem with the validation of the license file for the new store.

2.7 08-Dec-2011

(Feature 1512) The application log now shows additionally information when moving mails to the trash.
(Feature 1610) Added support for Growl 1.3.
(Feature 1601) Added an option not to archive Filemaker attachments.
(Feature 1603) The browser window show shows a proxy icon.
(Bug 1614) Mails from Inbox and Sent mailboxes of AppleMail weren’t archived when archiving all mailboxes.
(Bug 1613) Mails from local folders weren’t archived for AppleMail in a rare condition.
(Bug 1609) The window showing how many days are left in the trial time no longer shows negative days when the trial time is over.
(Bug 1605) When showing information about the database the number of records is shown again.
(Bug 1602) Cancelling archiving now works better.
(Bug 1600) When cancelling the registration there is no longer an error "File isn't valid”.
(Bug 1597/8) Fixed archiving to Filemaker 11 for ODBC.
(Bug 1608) When deleting a mail the list of mails no longer jumps around.
(Bug 1617) There is no longer for some users an error message -10006 when exporting to Filemaker.
(Bug 1622) Mailboxes are always selected at the first click now.
(Bug 1340) Shift selection now works properly again.

2.7b1 23-Oct-2011

(Feature 323) Mails from Eudora with detached attachments can now archived.
(Feature 352) Added an application log.
(Feature 383) Attachments now have previews.
(Feature 385) There is now a version check.
(Feature 1345) Entourage/Outlook are faster.
(Feature 1348) Rename Valentina to Internal Database
(Feature 1364) Added some Growl notifications.
(Feature 1439) The archives are now about 20 % smaller.
(Feature 1463) The session log now contains information about the date settings of a computer.
(Feature 1473) PDFs can be exported in a folder per mail.
(Feature 1471) Find duplicates is faster.
(Feature 1356) A Lite Version will be available.
(Feature 1513) A progresswheel has been added for sending mails.
(Feature 1524) When archiving to mbox, text and xml the location of archives can now be set by the user.
(Feature 1486) Evernote is now supported as export format.
(Feature 1524) For mbox, xml and text export formats the export location can now be set.
(Feature 1300) Now only files with the ending “.vdb” can be opened.
(Feature 1282) When exporting to pdf there is now an option to save the pdfs into single folders.
(Feature 1556) The exported pdf files now have another date format (dddd mm yy) and the date and the subject are divided with a pipe (|).
(Bug 1464) Mails are moved to the trash for all non-english systems.
(Bug 1475) Sent mailbox is now archived in Outlook.
(Bug 1477) Moving down with arrow key in attachment listbox now moves only one row and not 2.
(Bug 1478) UUEncoded attachments are now parsed correctly again.
(Bug 1480) Added a check if mails are really quoted-printable.
(Bug 1483) The columns in the list of mails are now being moved proportionally instead of making a column to small for viewing.
(Bug 1488) A Diagnose isn’t being done always but according to the Preferences after archiving.
(Bug 1519) When selecting a date range it’s now possible to type a full year, month or day instead of only the first digit.
(Bug 1525) American date are no longer clipped in the date range selection.
(Bug 1523) When running Mail Archiver the first time the window show shows up correctly under the menubar.
(Bug 1489) Archiving no longer gets slower when archiving huge amounts of mail in one session.
(Bug 1510) Attachments from error reports are now being sent again.
(Bug 1528) Ordering now works also when an export format other than Valentina has been selected.
(Bug 1519) It’s now possible to type a 4 digit year when selecting a date range.
(Bug 1525) American data are not longer clipped in the Setup.
(Bug 1523) When starting the app the first time the window position is now under the menu and not partially behind it.
(Bug 1552) It’s only possible to reply to a mail when a mail is selected.
(Bug 1547) When archiving and an exception occurs then the application now quits normally.
(Bug 1572) There is no longer error -43 when importing from Eudora.
(Bug 1543) Longer mails no longer take very long when cleaning them.

2.6: 18-Apr-2011

(Feature 1324) All session logs are now being sent and these are sent complete.
(Feature 1368) The session logs are now sent with Sendgrid (http:sendgrid.com).
(Bug 1460) Doing a dump is now possible again after being broken in b2.
(Bug 1464) Fixed a problem when moving mails to trash on italian systems.
(Bug 1467) Fixed a NilObjectException when sending a session log.
(Bug 1470) After executing a search the first mailbox isn’t selected any longer (also a beta bug). Also when starting the app the mailbox loads mails.
(Bug 1472) Loading a dump now works again when the date format isn’t mdy. There is also a better error message when loading a dump doesn’t work.

2.6b2: 14-Mar-2011

(Bug 1359) Deletion of mails is much faster.
(Bug 1361/1408) After first opening an archive the first selected mailbox now shows mails again without having to click on it.
(Bug 1397) The more button of the tabsheets has been removed because it caused freezes when clicking.
(Bug 1401) Fixed one last place where during archival cancelling didn’t work.
(Bug 1404) Fixed a NilObjectException during reindexing.
(Bug 1405/1419) When the mail client isn’t found it’s no longer possible to start archival.
(Bug 1407) It’s no longer possible to set the name of a database dump to the original database name.
(Bug 1409) The translation database is now created in memory.
(Bug 1417) When trying to open a Filemaker database the dialog now comes to front always.
(Bug 1418) When Postbox isn’t setup correctly there are no longer 4 identical error messages.
(Bug 1422) When doing a right mouse click on the html viewer is no longer possible to do a reload, which resulted in a blank html viewer.
(Bug 1428) The length of the search text is now according to the length of the search box.
(Bug 1429) The header of the mail listbox is now loaded when an archive is opened.
(Bug 1432) Fixed some problems with Powermail mailboxes: order and recognition of In Tray. Corrected a problem with recognizing the language of the computer.
(Bug 1434) Fixed a crash problem during archival.
(Bug 1437) Fixed a NilObjectException in export to pdf. The same problem occurred during export to Filemaker.
(Bug 1449) When exporting to mbox and cancelling the file isn’t created any longer. After cancelling “Archival finished” isn’t shown any longer for Growl.
(Bug 1443) When moving mails to trash for AppleMail this is now done for this first mailbox.
(Bug 1446) For english system the data suffixes are now shown only once.
(Bug 1447) The session log and error report windows now have a splitter and the logs are sorted better.
(Bug 1448) When doing a direct export the start window stays visible.
(Bug 1449) When exporting to Filemaker with the option “currently open databases” and a database had to be selected, it wasn’t opened.
(Bug 1458) Fixed hard crash during every second export.

2.6b1: 20-Feb-2011

(Feature 1291) Speed improvement for Mail Archiver: loading mails into the email listbox is now fast. Also, archiving speed has been improved by 30%.
(Feature 1320) Mail Archiver X no longer lets the computer go to sleep during archival.
(Feature 413) It’s now possible to export the current mailbox only.
(Feature 966) Added support for Growl.
(Feature 1192) When double clicking on attachments these no longer are created on the desktop.
(Feature 1211) It’s now possible to add the current raw data of a mail to the session log.
(Feature 1259) Added an option to pdf export for names to start with date and then the subject.
(Feature 1275) It’s now possible to print the html text of a mail.
(Feature 1336) It’s now possible to select all mails in a mailbox.
(Feature 1337) When no archive is open a start window is shown.
(Feature 1338) There is now a tour showing the most important features of the application.
(Feature 1339) The menu structure of the File menu has been made a bit clearer.
(Feature 1342) Support for the new Outlook has been added.
(Feature 433) Support for Exchange has been added.

(Feature 1198/1327) Some setup options aren't needed anymore:
- Default Email Client.
- Creator of file when exporting to text.
- Option to create a new file for every export when archiving to Valentina.
(Feature 1333) The toolbar has been rewritten in preparation for Cocoa. It’s at the moment not configurable.

(Bug 1167) The export to MySQL no longer shows occasionally the error message that the data is too long.
(Bug 1170) When bursting digests and cleaning subjects in one pass, the new mails are cleaned now.
(Bug 1172) When updating the width of the listbox columns in the list of emails there are no longer weird results. For instance, the width of the last column could be dragged beyond the end of the listbox.
(Bug 1185) Fixed a problem with mails showing additional tabs in the To and the From address.
(Bug 1231) When renaming a mailbox the recent menu is no longer active. This lead to crashes when another database was opened.
(Bug 1233) When deleting a mailbox now the parent mailbox is selected afterwards.
(Bug 1235) When parsing the html the closing bracket of links in the html no longer is sometimes on the next line.
(Bug 1236) Aufgaben etc. are now excluded from archiving Outlook/Entourage.
(Bug 1240) Empty accounts are better excluded now when archiving from AppleMail.
(Bug 1243) Mailboxes in Thunderbird show up now better.
(Bug 1248) Cancelling from Entourage no longer gives an error message -128 and is now really cancelled.
(Bug 1250) After clearing the recent archives, the recent menu is no longer completely unavailable.
(Bug 1252) The menu in the search field now has a visible default value.
(Bug 1260) The time offset is now taken into account for the time of a mail better.
(Bug 1268) The order of the session logs now is by date.
(Bug 1270) When exporting to MySQL the first error in now reported instead of the last.
(Bug 1271) The Session Log window now can only be opened one time.
(Bug 1273) When a mail has two or more attachments with the same name, then no longer all of those are added to the desktop when double-clicking on one attachment.
(Bug 1277) When archiving from Entourage the encoding is handled better.
(Bug 1279) Mail Archiver no longer crashes when trying to parse .ds_store files.
(Bug 1283) When setting the date in the date selection window down is no longer up.
(Bug 1284) When archiving a date range both end dates are now archived.
(Bug 1285) The meaning of the date range selection has been improved.
(Bug 1286) There is no longer an error message “Filemaker is in use”.
(Bug 1287) Finding Filemaker has been improved.
(Bug 1288) Fixed a problem with the date selection.
(Bug 1293) There is no longer an error message -1719 when trying to archive a non-existing mailbox for AppleMail.
(Bug 1298) Loading huge mails into the email list no longer causes the app to hang.
(Bug 1299) When doing an open to clone and giving the database the same name as before, which tries to overwrite the old database, there is no longer a crash.
(Bug 1310) Cancelling has been improved.
(Bug 1312) When attachments don’t have a name a default one is now used.
(Bug 1315) The color of the link in the Annoying window has been improved.
(Bug 1317) In AppleMail the reading out of the message caching of Exchange Accounts no longer gives an error message.
(Bug 1319) Entourage mailboxes now sorted correctly.
(Bug 1320) Imap mails are now correctly moved to the trash for all mailboxes in AppleMail.
(Bug 1342) There is no longer a crash when the mail doesn’t have a date.
(Bug 1354) The progress window now closes always and isn’t hidden behind the main window.
(Bug 1360) After archving the application doesn’t use 100% CPU doing nothing anymore.

2.5.2: 03-Jun-2010

The application is smaller again and should use less memory.
(Feature 1237) The date range selection for archival has been improved.
(Feature 1012) The website finally has a Widerrufbelehrung for Germans.
(Feature 1239) Getting the international number format uses a newer API.
(Bug 1258) MobileMe mails can now be archived in AppleMail.

2.5.1: 02-May-2010

(Feature 1217) Added support for Postbox.
(Feature 1215) There is now a direct link for the manual.
(Feature 1225) The checkbox “Archive unique mails” is now selected by default.
(Feature 1227) The Imap status message is now better worded and has different messages for each mail client.
(Feature 1226) For newly created archives the index is now part of the main file.
(Feature 1182) The error logs are now kept in the application support folder for 7 days. It's possible to view them from within the application. It's possible to send an error log from within the application. When the application crashes a nice dialog shows up with the possibility to describe the problem and to attach an error log.
(Bug 429) It’s now possible to open the last archive again when starting Mail Archiver.
(Bug 744) When selecting mailboxes the mailboxes for Thunderbird don’t show up any longer twice.
(Bug 1218) During archival of Postbox/Thunderbird there is no longer an error message for mailboxes containing umlauts etc.
(Bug 1616) When the permissions of a folder don’t allow to create an archive in it then there is now a nice error message.
(Bug 1220) During archival from Mail there are no longer errors -21.
(Bug 1209) Added a workaround for OutOfBounds exceptions occuring during double-clicking an attachment.
(Bug 1219) For empty mailboxes the progress bar during archival is now properly updated.
(Bug 1221) It’s now possible again to scroll in the mailbox listbox.
(Bug 1201) When a mailbox is collapsed the parent mailbox is now selected.

2.5: 7-Mar-2010

(Feature 1191) Browser: When exporting with ODBC to Filemaker there is now a check if iODBC is installed.
(Feature 1194) Browser: The About Window is now a sheet.
(Feature 1213) Parser: The application has been updated for Thunderbird 3.0.
Parser: Some speed improvements in the parser.
(Bug 1180) Browser: When canceling to open a database where is no longer an error message "Error in function name PathSort".
(Bug 1186) Browser: When clicking on a link then the result is now properly directed to the default browser.
(Bug 1166) Browser: After deleting a mailbox the mailbox list is no longer collapsed.
(Bug 1178) Browser: Fixed a problem with sorting mailboxes.
(Bug 1210) Browser: When canceling to save a database when loading a dump no longer crashes the application.
(Bug 1162) It's now possible to update from 2.1 if the mailbox contains a "'".
(Bug 1189) A bug causing a NilException using the translation info was fixed.
(Bug 1164) Warnings from Valentina don't show up any longer for the built application.
(Bug 1193/1187) Parser: When archiving vow Entourage there is no longer sometimes errors -1728 or -2741.
(Bug 1179) Parser: The database doesn't crash any longer occasionally when writing to it.
(Bug 1184) Parser: Using Tidy doesn't show it's warnings in the console anymore.
(Bug 1183) Parser: The app doesn't crash any longer if the html of a mail doesn't contain a body.
(Bug 1293) Parser: Spurious single additional characters don't show up any longer in the body of a mail.
(Bug 1207) Parser: When IMAP mailboxes are set to be checked there is no longer a crash when trying to archive mbox files.
(Bug 1212) When doing a diagnose the temporary file is now created again with the result.

2.5 beta 2: 17-Jan-2010

(Feature 1138) Browser: The database information now also shows the number of tables and their records.
(Feature 1153) Browser: Added horizontal scrollbars to the main listboxes.
(Feature 1163) Browser: The mailbox selection window now remembers it's size when opening.
(Feature 862/1115) Parser: Added a simple parser for mails with format enriched.
(Feature 1097) Parser: IMAP accounts are now being checked for all mail clients that the data is downloaded fully.
(Bug 1150) Browser: Areas with lighter color in Snow Leopard are fixed.
(Bug 1156) Browser: It's now possible to have a ' in the name of a mailbox without crashing.
(Bug 1149) Browser: It's now possible again to rename mailboxes.
(Bug 1144) Browser: After doing a cleaning the data is now reloaded.
(Bug 1140) Browser: Loading the widths of the main listboxes produced strange results.
(Bug 1136) Browser: When no record is selected, it's no longer possible to print.
(Bug 1134) Browser: When a database is open and this database is selected in "Open to diagnose" there is no longer an error message "Database doesn't exist."
(Bug 1132) Browser: When a database is already open and one tries to open a database again, there is no longer an error message "Error in function name PathSort".
(Bug 1089) Browser: The mailboxes are now sorted ignoring the ":" in the paths, which could lead to different sort orders than in the mail client.
(Bug 1133) Browser: There is no longer an error message when trying to load a dump.
(Bug 1137) Browser: When trying to load a file as dump, which is not a dump file, the error message is now nicer.
(Bug 1129) Browser: Changed from using Command+; to Command+, for the preferences and the setup.
(Bug 1161) Browser: When using the cancel button in the search field, the search text is now deleted when changing views.
(Bug 1126) The Filemaker database is back to being distributed with the default empty password.
(Bug 1152) Parser: Fixed a situation, where the charset UTF8 was not recognized for the message body.
(Bug 1151) Parser: Additional spaces in the subject don't show up any longer.
(Bug 1142) Parser: Mails were archived without a parent mailbox. This could occur for Inbox and Sent Messages.
(Bug 1148) Parser: Tidy is now used to recognize a charset in html, which produces better results.
(Bug 1112) Parser: Changed the default encoding to IsoLatin1.
(Bug 1143) Parser: Cleanings weren't executed after archival.
(Bug 1102) Parser: After bursting a digest the original mail still showed the original message body.
(Bug 1139) Parser: Some mail lied about being utf16 and showed lovely chinese characters in the message body.
(Bug 1159) Parser: In some cases duplicate attachments could show up for AppleMail.
(Bug 1158) Parser: When exporting to Filemaker and canceling there is no longer an error message -128.

2.5 beta 1: 08-Nov-2009

(Feature 390) Browser: Added a mailbox bar like every mail client has.
(Feature 415) Browser: The mail listbox now shows the number of attachments.
(Feature 734) Browser: Navigation has been sped up significantly as less data is loaded.
(Feature 1100) Browser: The accounts are now grouped with Inbox/Outbox instead of by accounts.
(Feature 1041) Browser: When the Progress window is moved whatever is going on now can continue instead of being blocked.
(Feature 419) Browser: The Progress window now expands and contracts with the length of the Mailbox name. It also now has a progress wheel and a cancel button, if necessary.
(Feature 748) Browser: When archiving by date, the dates can now be entered with a data selector in addition to the calendar.
(Feature 1075) Browser: “Use Internet prefs.” has been renamed to “Default Mail Client”.
(Feature 1076) Browser: The progress window uses normal progress bars again.
(Feature 1092) Browser: Added fade transitions between the tabsheets in the Preferences and the Setup windows.
(Feature 1090) Browser: The Preferences and Setup windows look at bit nicer with a vertical toolbar.
(Feature 1078) Browser: Added buttons in the main toolbar for replying to a mail.
(Feature 877) Browser: The toolbar of the main window can now be customized.
(Feature 1118) Browser: The progress window is now a sheet window.
(Feature 1096) Browser: The window for selecting mailboxes is now resizable.
(Feature 967) The application now has a bundle identifier. This should make the application work under parental control.
(Feature 419) Parser: The applicaton is now working threaded, which makes it more slow, but it should play nicer with other applications. Additionally, archiving is now done in one pass and not in two.
(Feature 896) Parser: Html parsing is now done with HtmlTidy. Much faster.
(Feature 365) Parser: When archiving to a format different from Valentina, the cache folder has been moved to the temporary items folder.
(Feature 1038): There is now an option in the preferences to do a diagnose after archival and during opening a database.
(Feature 1046): The export to Filemaker is better explained in the manual.
(Feature 175) Parser: It’s now possible to archive to Filemaker with ODBC instead of AppleScript.
(Feature 1073) Parser: Added export to the original mbox format.
(Feature 1091) Parser: Added export to MySQL.
(Feature 1101) Parser: Added export to PDF.
(Bug 1016) Browser: When the credits are shown on Leopard the is no white area behind anymore.
(Bug 1017) Browser: When selecting a application as example for the text export the icon for this application is shown again.
(Bug 1034) Browser: The application no longer crashes when using the backspace key in the List view.
(Bug 1023) Browser: Restoring size and position of the main window now works reliably again.
(Bug 1025) Browser: The menu for exporting attachments now works again fully on Leopard.
(Bug 1032) Browser: The menu for exporting attachments no longe has an extra menu item on Tiger.
(Bug 1033) Browser: The attachment listbox no longer has a second column in Tiger.
(Bug 1024) Browser: The scrolling now works normally again in the main mail listbox in Leopard instead of scrolling only a few pixels.
(Bug 993) Opening a database should no longer crash occasionally.
(Bug 746) Browser: Refreshing the view after cleaning no longer crashes the application.
(Bug 1042) It’s no longer possible to double click an index file.
(Bug 1005) Parser: There is no longer an error message -1708 when Powermail isn’t set up properly.
(Bug 997) Parser: The application now archives mailboxes with a “ in the name for all mail applications.
(Bug 998) Parser: When Thunderbird isn’t set up, there is now an error message and the application no longer shows an empty mailbox list.
(Bug 1001) Parser: The parser now recognises file endings, which are longer than 3 characters.
(Bug 1045) Parser: For the location of Thunderbird mailboxes the ini file is now consulted.
(Bug 1015) Parser: Export to Filemaker didn’t work in all situations for instance when using Advanced.
(Bug 1058) Parser: Corrected a problem, which didn’t allow to import an xml dump into VStudio.
(Bug 1051) Parser: Because information from InternetConfig was nil for a customer the dependency on it was removed.
(Bug 1061) Parser: Corrected an issue where html showed up in the message body.
(Bug 1052) Parser: Corrected a problem where a doctype in the html caused confusion.
(Bug 1070) Parser: Spurious mailbox information is now being ignored for AppleMail.
(Bug 1064) Parser: Corrected a problem with base64 encoding, which led to strange characters in the message body.
(Bug 1077) Parser: The html is now showed correctly even when Unix or Windows line endings are used.
(Bug 1088) Parser: Empty dates no longer show up in Filemaker or MySQL with a year of 0001.
(Bug 1099) Parser: When exporting to Filemaker the dates are now used directly as there were problems with some dates.
(Bug 1082) Parser: Fixed a problem with inline data.
(Bug 1104) Parser: Thunderbird now finds the mail folder if there is more than one profile.
(Bug 1069) Parser: The application no longer crashes when adding data and time data.
(Bug 1105) Parser: Cleaning html now uses correct encodings.
(Bug 1106) Parser: When parent and child mailboxes are selected the child mailboxes aren't archived twice anymore.
(Bug 1114) Parser: Fixed a problem when the string divider between mails contained a bracket.
(Bug 1117) Parser: Fixed a problem which resulted in extra spaces in the subject of a mail.
(Bug 1087) Parser: Data is now exported to Filemaker with correct line endings instead of using Unix endings.

2.1.2: 04-May-2008

(Feature 1050) Browser: It’s now possible to open and clone a database in one step. The opening is done without the usual checks and changes.
(Bug 993) Browser: Opening a database should no longer crash occasionally.
(Bug 1034) Browser: The application no longer crashes when using the backspace key in the List view.
(Bug 1030/1037) Parser: In some rare conditions data corruption could occur, which resulted in Segment errors and empty mail bodies.
(Bug 1015) Parser: Export to Filemaker didn’t work in all situations for instance when using Advanced.

2.1.1: 17-Feb-2008

(Bug 1002) Browser: When the date format is set to YYMMDD the dates in the browser are now shown correctly.
(Bug 1003) Browser: When updating from an older version there is no longer a crash with UpdateOrder.
(Bug 1010) Browser: The encodings are now set correctly when printing.
(Bug 1009) Browser: The microseconds are no longer shown when printing a date/time.
(Bug 1008) Browser: When updating from an older version, the columns are now shown correctly.
(Bug 1007 + 999) Browser: Date and time are no longer empty when printing.
(Bug 996) Parser: Using Leopard there will be no longer an UnsupportedFormatException when archiving from AppleMail.
(Bug 1011) It’s now possible to start from a dmg file without having a NilObjectExeption.

2.1: 18-Dec-2007

(Bug 995) Parser: There is no longer an error message when either mailbox or account in AppleMail contains the string “, “.
(Bug 988) The application no longer crashes occasionally.

2.1 beta 3: 09-Dec-2007

(Bug 987) Parser: The application no longer crashes in SplitMultipart/Constructor.
(Bug 994) Parser: Duplicates can now be found and deleted when the archive was from an older version of Mail Archiver.

2.1 beta 2: 24-Nov-2007

(Feature 961) Browser: Date and time are now separated by a “,” and the seconds aren’t shown anymore.
(Feature 977) Parser: The single date and time fields are now exported to Filemaker again.
(Bug 973) The html of the manual now shows correctly from Firefox.
(Bug 972) The german documentation doesn’t mention the deprecated Mail Browser Filemaker database anymore.
(Bug 974) Browser: When a mail contains the string \” there is no error -2741 when replying to this mail with AppleMail anymore.
(Bug 980) Browser: The html viewer now shows the correct font on Leopard.
(Bug 982) Browser: One popup menu in the Setup window now has the correct height again on Leopard.
(Bug 983) Browser: Since the position and the size of the window can’t be saved, the width of the columns can’t be saved either.
(Bug 985) Browser: The search popup menu now moves again when the window has been moved.
(Bug 975) Parser: On Leopard the ToDos and Notes mailboxes aren’t shown any longer.
(Bug 981) Parser: When exporting to Filemaker the option to use the currently open database works again.
(Bug 969) Parser: When exporting to Filemaker there is no longer an error that Filemaker is supported from version 7 on even when a newer version of Filemaker was on the computer.
(Bug 976) Parser: When exporting to Filemaker the application no longer seems to freeze and then crashed.
(Bug 963) Parser: When the Filemaker database wasn't open during archival, there is no longer an error message.

2.1 beta 1: 04-Nov-2007

(Feature 381) Browser: The name of the archive is now shown as window title.
(Feature 427) Browser: Added the functionality to clone the database.
(Feature 399) Browser: It’s now possible to sort descending.
(Feature 422) Browser: The time is now shown together with the date of a mail.
(Feature 388) Brower: It’s now possible to find and delete duplicate mails.
(Feature 368) Parser: It’s now possible to archive unique mails, this means that mails are ony archived once and no duplicates are archived.
(Feature 943) Parser: Added support for files with a size of more than 2 GB.
(Feature 379) Sound is now optional.
(Feature 131) Volume discounts are now available.
(Bug 935) Browser: When a database in Valentina 1 format is opened the correct file is added to the recent menu.
(Bug 900) Browser: Webkit shouldn’t get confused anymore and should show up only when it’s allowed to do so.
(Bug 946) Browser: When Select All is selected during a search then the search mode is now properrly exited.
(Bug 949) Browser: When a new empty database is created the html of the previous database is no longer shown.
(Bug 902) Parser: The Mime parser has been rewritten completely, so that no StackOverflow exceptions can occur anymore.
(Bug 951) Parser: Imap mails from AppleMail where the mailbox contains “pop” are now archived, too.
(Bug 950) Parser: Powermail doesn’t give an error anymore when archiving mailboxes with an umlaut in the name.
(Bug 945) Parser: Entourage doesn’t give an error anymore when archiving mailboxes with a / in the name.
(Bug 947) Parser: Fixed another problem with the handling of date formats.
(Bug 908) Parser: Fixed a situation where an exception could occur when loading a data dump.

2.0.1: 07-May-2007

(Bug 937) Parser: Mail Archiver X doesn’t crash anymore for most date formats.
(Bug 940) Parser: Increased the timout for Entourage when getting mailboxes.

2.0: 03-May-2007

(Feature 927) Browser: When archiving to Filemaker the layout is changed to the original layout after exporting.
(Feature) Browser: New browser for Filemaker added.
(Bug 925) Browser: The print reports can now be found.
(Bug 931) Browser: The selection of the List view is shown when the window is opened. It is retained when the view changes to List view.
(Bug 929) Browser: When the Filemaker export was set to open a database and no database was open, then the database which was selected via a file open dialog couldn’t be opened and a -1728 error occurred.
(Bug 923) Browser: Inactive mail accounts in AppleMails aren’t shown anymore.
(Bug 903) Parser: Mail with partial headers are now archived, too.
(Bug 924) Parser: There are no longer hard crashes when a mail part is empty.
(Bug 922) Parser: Unicode characters in accounts and mailbox names don’t produce errors anymore.
(Bug 928) Parser: In english systems when exporting to Filemaker day and month are no longer switched.

2.0 beta 3: 26-Mar-2007

(Feature 912) Browser: The nag window is shown less often during the trial time.
(Bug 845) Printing works again.
(Bug 916) It’s now possible to use Mail Archiver from a non-Administrator account. The log file simply isn’t created.
(Bug 886) When Mail Archiver had an exception it was sometimes crashing afterwards, too. This no longer occurs.
(Bug 907) When loading trying to load a dump from a file, which is not a dump, now an error message is shown.
(Bug 908) It’s now possible to load a dump without having opened a database first.
(Bug 897) When the ind file is double clicked without having started Mail Archiver before there is now an error message.
(Bug 899) Browser: When the registration name contains an umlaut this is now shown correctly.
(Bug 905) Browser: It’s possible again to start searching for an attachment with a return.
(Bug 909 Browser: It’s no longer possible to go into search mode, when no database is open.
(Bug 906) Parser: There is no longer an Exception in Thunderbird when no mailboxes have been set up.
(Bug 915) Parser: StackOverFlowExceptions should no longer occur when cleaning html.
(Bug 918) Parser: Mails with inline message bodies are now shown correctly.
(Bug 904) Parser: Attachments, which had a resoure fork, now save their data forks again instead of the resource fork. Mails from Apple Mail, which saved their attachments in separate files, are now saved correctly.
(Bug 917) Parser: When the body had one encoding and the html had a different encoding, now the html encoding is used.

2.0 beta 2: 13-Feb-2007

(Feature 895) Improved the indices for the database.
(Feature 879) Added database utitlities for getting information and trouble shooting.
(Feaure 896) Browser: The Source tabsheet isn’t visible anymore. This improves speed when navigating through the mails.
(Bug 882) When the archive is opened from within a dmg file, there is no longer an error -61. Note: The index file needs to be included into the dmg.
(Bug 887) Browser: When typing Cmd-Alt-A instead of Cmd-Shift-A there is no longer an Exception.
(Bug 894) Browser: The main window can’t be closed anymore.
(Bug 885) Parser: When the mail consistes only of an attachment, there is no longer an OutOfBoundsException.
(Bug 890) Parser: When exporting an attachment to Filemaker, which didn’t have a file ending, the last character is no longer cut off.
(Bug 889) Parser: Fixed some encoding troubles when exporting to Filemaker by changing the language of an internal variable from German to default.
(Bug 893) Parser: When the mail said html but the part was instead an attachment the html parser choked and crashed. The mail part now will be recognized.
(Bug 868) Parser: Mail parts with RFC822 are now recognized. With this also the order of mail parts was corrected in some cases.

2.0 beta 1: 16-Jan-2007

(Feature 813) Universal Binary!
(Feature 812) Changed the format from PEF to Mach-O.
(Feature 791) With a new major version the trial time is reset automatically.
(Feature 811) Updated to Valentina 2. As a result languages other than the middle european ones can be archived.
(Feature 386) Browser: Sorting is finally case insensitive.
(Feature 424) Browser: The Html of a message body is shown in a Webkit control.
(Feature 431 + 421) Browser: There is now a help menu linking to the manual and the website.
(Feature 398) Browser: A search field has been added.
(Feature 756) Browser: It’s now possible to start searching with the enter key.
(Feature 793) Browser: Changed the name of the tabsheet Export to Archive Format.
(Feature 792) Browser: Changed the name of the button Options to Setup.
(Feature 345) Parser: When archiving to xml the field Message Body is no longer base64 encoded.
(Feature 434) Parser: Detached attachments from Powermail are now archived.
(Feature 867) Parser: When exporting to Text, where is now a choice between UTF8 and MacRoman.
(Feature 829) Parser: The source of a mail is now archived together with a plain text and a html version of the message body.
(Feature 739) Parser: The html parser has been improved. A lot more tags are recognized. The parser is now recursive. Comments and CSS are removed. See also Bugs 738 and 828.
(Feature 850) Parser: Getting the mailboxes should now be much faster for Entourage, but will still win no awards.
(Bug 849) When the preferences for the error log are changed, the error log is no longer created new.
(Bug 831) Browser: Subjects starting with a number aren’t interpreted as dates any longer.
(Bug 743) Browser: When the window is deactivated not longer a lighter grey band is visible in the tabsheet.
(Bug 740) Browser: When Thunderbird has mailboxes with a dot in the name the text after the dot is no longer cut off.
(Bug 846) Browser: When bogus values were saved to the position of the window splitter the message body filled the whole window. There is now a minimum value for the position of the splitter.
(Bug 876) Browser: It’s now possible to search for parts of attachment names.
(Bug 875) Browser: When a mail client is set up as default in AppleMail, which is not supported, then this application is shown in the Setup Window and not the last mail client of the supported list.
(Bug 738) Parser: x-flowed is now removed from the message body of a mail.
(Bug 828) Parser: If the html of the message body of a mail started after a return this is now recognized.
(Bug 861) Parser: The mime parser has been improved. For instance
- Mail parts without a content type are now archived and treated as text/plain.
- The attachment marker is now at the place is belongs and no longer at the beginning of a mail.
- All mail parts were treated as alternative. This is now examined, too.
(Bug 843) Parser: Removed again a problem with Filemaker Pro Advanced, which caused an error 1728.
(Bug 795) Parser: Duplicate attachments are now archived only once. They are checked by name.
(Bug 834) Parser: When archiving to Filemaker the “/” in the name of an attachment is changed to “-”, because the “/” is interpreted as path divider in Filemaker.
(Bug 818) Parser: When exporting to text also Unix returns are changed to “\return”.
(Bug 752) Parser: When archiving to Filemaker the folder Attachments is now only created when needed.
(Bug 823) Parser: German Dates like 31.12.2006 are now also recognized as valid mail dates.
(Bug 817) Parser: When moving a folder structure to the trash in Entourage this is now interpreted correctly and not as empty name.
(Bug 814) Parser: When moving mails to the trash for Eudora the error -43 is no longer shown.
(Bug 820) Parser: When a mail field is encoded the encoding is no longer defaulted to IsoLatin.
(Bug 869) Parser: There is no longer an AppleScript error when archiving an account containing an accent.
(Bug 874) Parser: When an attachment was archived to Filemaker the name of the attachment and the field AttachmentName now match and don’t show different names.

1.6.1: 13-Sep-2006

(Feature) Bugs and Features now have numbers.
(Feature 432) The website now has an RSS Feed.
(Feature 804) Parser: Added support for uuencoded mails.
(Feature 423) The user reference section of the manual is now online.
(Bug 794) Parser: Dates from 1999 and beyond produced bogus dates.
(Bug 797) Parser: Time is archived again.
(Bug 798) Parser: For some attachments the names showed an equal sign.
(Bug 796) Parser: The encoding IsoLatin1 is now set to MacRomanLatin1.
(Bug 799) Parser: UTF8 encoded attachment names are now recognized.
(Bug 803) Parser: The timeout for archiving to Filemaker has been increased so that the error -1712 doesn’t show up anymore when archiving large messages to Filemaker.
(Bug 795) Parser: When the same attachment was in the same message two times - once as quoted printable and once as base 64 encoded - the attachment is now archived only once.
(Bug 800) Parser: The error 1728 doesn’t occur anymore when archiving to Filemaker with Filemaker Pro Advanced.
(Bug 807) Parser: Some attachments (with an en dash) caused the attachment name to be blank, which led to all sorts of problems with this attachment. For instance the Filemaker export asked for a file.

1.6: 20-Aug-2006

(Bug) Browser: Menus are again in English and not some in German.

1.6 beta 3: 09-Aug-2006

(Feature) Browser: Changed the Labels for archiving by date and age to Older than/Younger than.
(Feature) Browser: There is now a build number in the about window.
(Bug) Parser: It’s now possible for all AppleScriptable applications to archive mailboxes with a ‘ in the name. Moving mails to the trash for these mailboxes works also.
(Bug) Parser: The new date parsing routing is now active.
(Bug) Browser: When dragging an attachment from the attachment listbox the drag picture is now in the correct row and not always in the first row.
(Bug) Browser: The default pref for archiving to Valentina has been set to Last again.
(Bug) Parser: When archiving in a date range, the comparison date now has the time set to 00:00:00.
(Bug) Parser: Moving mails to the trash for the Inbox and Sent Messages Mailbox of AppleMail now works again.

1.6 beta 2: 23-Jul-2006

(Feature) Browser: It’s now possible to send a mail to Moth Software requesting the resetting of the trial time from within the application.
(Bug) Parser: When the archive is empty, the export to XML doesn’t crash anymore.
(Bug) Parser: When archiving folders: if the parent folder had mails the sub folders weren’t archived for AppleMail, instead the mails from the parent folder were archived again.
(Bug) Parser: Some variant of the date format led to a NilObjectException. A new date parsing routine is in place, but currently notes down the differences to the old parsing routine.
(Bug) Parser: The bug fix for the bug “When an archive was open, the export set to a different format then Valentina and the export was cancelled, it’s now possible to add mails to the original archive.” led to NilObjectExceptions during saving the attachments and exporting to another format than Valentina.
(Bug) Parser: When saving a new archive over an already existing archive the error -47 doesn’t occur anymore.
(Bug) Browser: When the option “Delete Log when quitting” is selected, there now no new error log created during quitting.
(Bug) Browser: Extending the trial now works.
(Bug) Browser: When navigating to the end of the List and moving up again, the List and the Message Body are now in sync again and the first move up is not eaten up.

1.6 beta 1: 9-Jul-2006

(Feature) Parser: When a Filemaker archive is already open, it’s now possible to use this database.
(Feature) Parser: Support for Outlook Express.
(Feature) Parser: Instead of using files on the desktop for Entourage and Powermail now proper temp files are used. Therefore there are no more problems with moving those files to the trash.
(Feature) Parser: Folders with subfolders can be archived.
(Feature) Browser: Double clicking an attachment puts it on the Desktop and opens it.
(Feature) Browser: Attachments can be exported to the Desktop with Drag and Drop.
(Feature) Browser: Added key combos for changing between layouts.
(Feature) Browser: After archival is finished Mail Archiver X is set to front.
(Feature) Browser: Renamed Select All to Show all.
(Feature) Browser: Added a check, if an Archive is in the trash. so that data cannot be added to files in the trash.
(Feature) Browser: Added options for the error log: write to log, delete log when quitting, add to existing log.
(Feature) Browser: When archives of older Versions of Mail Archiver X are opened, the Progress window is shown.
(Feature) Browser: It’s now possible to extend the Trial period from within the application.
(Feature) Browser: When the trial period is over, it’s now visible in the Annoying window.
(Feature) Browser: There is now a recent menu.
(Feature) Browser: There is now detailed progress for moving mails to the trash.
(Feature) Browser: It’s possible to archive within a range of dates or ages.
(Bug) Parser: Mails, which were lying about being multipart but in fact weren’t, are now saved correctly.
(Bug) Parser: Improved the html cleaning: Html is cleaned even if no information was set in the Content-Description. Encodings and returns are handled better.
(Bug) Parser: Completly changed moving mails to trash for AppleMail. Change from a whose clause for dates to a check for each mail individually. A bit slower now, but I can check better where an error occurs.
(Bug) Parser: Dates starting with the year (like jjmmtt) are now archived correctly.
(Bug) Parser: Mails from the Outbox of Eudora were not archived, because they don’t have a sent date.
(Bug) Parser: A Filemaker archive without a Creator Code gave the error message “Mail Application couldn't be started”. Now gives correct error, but empty Creator Codes are still not recognized.
(Bug) Parser: When an archive was open, the export set to a different format then Valentina and the export was cancelled, it’s now possible to add mails to the original archive.
(Bug) Parser: When a mail doesn't have a body the archival is no longer stopped for this mailbox but is simply ignored.
(Bug) Browser: The nag window is now shown again after archiving.
(Bug) Browser: It’s now possible to stop moving mails to trash for all mail applications. Some application like Entourage gave an error message -128 and didn’t stop the move to the trash.
(Bug) Browser: The utility menu for exporting attachments now resets the previous selection.
(Bug) Browser: When navigating after the last mail in list view, now the selected line is moved into the view completely.
(Bug) Browser: Empty mailboxes from Entourage now don’t show up as "" in the progress window.
(Bug) Browser: When double-clicking a folder during selection of mailboxes, a MessageBox no longer shows up and the folder is expanded.

1.5: 23-Apr-2006

(Bug) Parser: More mails are found when archiving from AppleMail 2.

1.5 beta 4: 15-Apr-2006
(Feature) New application and document icons.
(Bug) When opening an archive, when the application was not yet running, a NilObjectException doesn’t show up anymore.
(Feature) No splash screen anymore.
(Bug) Parser: Cleaning subjects while bursting mailing lists now works.
(Bug) Browser: White lines between the rows of the mailbox window show up again.
(Feature) Printing is available.
(Feature) Browser: When exporting attachments, it’s now possible to reveal them in the Finder.

1.5 beta 3: 02-Apr-2006

(Bug) Parser: When exporting to Filemaker the application doesn’t need to be selected from the application list anymore.
(Feature) Browser: The splash screen has been removed from the Filemaker Browser.
(Bug) Parser: The handling of mails, which contain only an attachment, has been improved.
(Bug) Parser: MIME boundary are better recognized.
(Bug) Parser: Mails containing html are now converted into MacRoman instead of UTF8, which then shows the correct encoding.
(Bug) Parser: More plist data from Mail 2 is removed.
(Bug) Parser: Corrupted preferences for archiving mails older than a specific date don’t cause a crash anymore.
(Feature) Browser: Archiving has now the menu shortcut of Cmd-R. Archiving files has it’s own menu item and the menu shortcut is Cmd-Shift-R.
(Feature) Browser: The progress window is shown during Text and Filemaker export.
(Bug) Browser: The default value for creating a Valentina archive is set again to “Last Archive” and not to “New Archive”.
(Bug) Parser: Encoded Type and Creator codes are now un-hexed and not un-base64.
(Feature) Attachments are now saved in the archive.
(Bug) No crash after NilObjectException anymore.
(Bug/Feature) Browser: Added back the functionality to double click an archive.
(Bug) Browser: Changed the default language of the Filemaker database from Germany to System.
(Bug) Parser: A NilObjectException because of Unix line endings doesn’t occur anymore.
(Bug) Parser: Solved an incompatibility between Mail Archiver X and Script Debugger 4.
(Bug) Parser: When archiving files, the number of them is now shown correctly.
(Bug) Parser: Removed a NilObjectException, which occurred sometimes, when archiving Mail in 10.3.

1.5 beta 2: 11-Jan-2006

(Bug) Parser: For Filemaker export a situation was removed, where a NilObjectException could occur.
(Feature) Browser: Added the second level of the progress bar back.
(Bug) Parser: When archiving to Filemaker and cancelling the archival, the user now is not asked to locate a Filemaker database.
(Bug) Parser: When the html is malformed, then the application doesn’t get stuck in an infinite loop anymore.
(Bug) Parser: When cleaning there is now really no MIME parsing anymore.
(Bug) Parser: When archiving empty mailboxes from Powermail, there is no crash anymore.

1.5 beta 1: 09-Jan-2006

Code pretty much rewritten.
(Feature) Parser: The file selection now allows to select all files. The files are checked later.
(Feature) Parser: msf index files from Mozilla/Thunderbird/Netscape are now deleted when moving mails to the trash.
(Feature) Parser: Checked support for Filemaker 8.
(Feature) Parser: Export to the existing export formats from the current Valentina database.
(Feature) Browser: Removed some options for text export to make the export simpler.
(Feature) Browser: Completely new interface. The browser and the bar have been unified into one window.
(Feature) Browser: New icons for toolbar.
(Feature) Browser: The window for selecting mailboxes is now a sheet.
(Feature) Browser: The listbox of the mailbox window is looking nicer: different icons for folders and mailboxes, lines for the different levels.
(Feature) Parser: Changed to AppleScript for getting mailboxes of AppleMail. The emlx files don’t show up in the mailbox window. The mailboxes are shown more reliable. On Tiger the window for selecting mailboxes is shown much faster, before Tiger systems are a bit slower than before.
(Bug) Browser: When making the browser listbox smaller than the header text and making it wider again, some text of the header was lost. Doesn’t occur anymore.
(Bug) Browser: The browser listbox is now always showing the correct selection row color.
(Bug) Parser: Text export doesn’t do extra returns anymore.
(Feature) Parser: When sending a reply mail with Powermail now the out tray is opened, so that the new mail is visible.
(Bug) Parser: The receiver of the new mail is set to the receiver of the parent mail when bursting a digest.
(Bug) Parser: When a multipart mail starts with "This is a multipart message...", the first T is not eaten anymore.
(Feature) Browser: Switching layouts when searching is now possible.
(Feature) Browser: The progress bar has it’s own window, but is only showing progress for archiving mailboxes.
(Feature) Browser: The progress window is now also shown for only cleaning or export.
(Bug) Parser: The selection of files and mailboxes are not confused anymore.
(Bug) Parser: When the mime parts have a different encoding than the complete message body then the encoding is not set correctly. Now the encoding is only set once.
(Bug) Parser: The plist stuff from the end of emlx files is removed. This is also done for existing archives.
(Feature) Parser/Browser: The complete header is now kept in the header rest field. This was renamed to header.
(Feature) Browser: Renamed Preferences to Options.
(Feature) Browser: Removed the Button Other from the mailbox window. Archival can be started from menu or toolbar.
(Feature) Browser: Cleaning is now done only for Valentina and not for other formats.
(Feature) Browser: Added a Menu shortcut for opening database.
(Feature) Browser: Position and size of the main window are saved to the preferences. Can now be done with all windows.
(Feature) Browser: The Main Window is now resizable.
(Feature) Browser: Macintosh standard icons are used for the two Main Layouts Record and List.
(Feature) Browser: The sort order names were changed to better reflect column names of the List view.
(Feature) Parser: It’s now possible to cancel an export to text.
(Feature) Parser/Browser: Removed the options Remove MIME, Parse Inline Attachments and Clean Html. This is now done always.
(Feature) Parser: Changed the MIME Parsing: for one level of the mime stuff, there is a check, if text, html or enriched parts are available. Text has precedence. The html and enriched parts are cleaned automatically.
(Feature) Parser: Much better html removal implemented.
(Other) Ein deutsches Handbuch ist verfügbar.

1.3 beta 2: 19-Jun-2005

(Feature) Demo limitation changed again. Even though I personally hate time limited applications, a limit of 20 days has been implemented.
(Bug) Browser: No longer any OutOfBounds exceptions when resizing the columns.
(Bug) Parser: Under some conditions the date of a mail could be shifted from April to March.
(Bug) Parser: Set the timeout for Entourage to 10.000 seconds, so that really big mailboxes can be archived from Entourage.
(Feature) The read me is now available in German.
(Bug) When mail text is selected in list view, then the selection is now taken into account and the whole mail text is no longer used.
(Feature) Added support for AppleMail 2 (Tiger version). For Spotlight support the whole storage of mails was changed. Instead of one file for each mailbox, now each mail has its own file. This makes archival from AppleMail much slower.


beta 1: 10-Mar-2005

(Feature) Parser: When the complete mail is an attachment, this is now correctly interpreted.
(Bug) Parser: Completely redone moving mails to trash for AppleMail again: now the Inbox, Mailsboxes with special characters like umlauts and Mailboxes with duplicate names can be moved to trash.
(Bug) Parser: When cancelling the archival, the archival is stopped immediately and the cleaning is not done anymore.
(Bug) Parser: When archiving all mailboxes, now only the number of proper mailbox files are shown in the progress bar. And these are the only ones to be archived. This also kills a problem with trying to move non-mailbox files to the trash. Also crashes during archival do not occur any more.
(Bug) Parser: 7bit encoding has been added to the known encodings and is not shown as missing any more.
(Bug) Parser: NilException when collecting mail parts should not show up anymore.
(Bug) Parser: NilException when moving mails to the trash should not show up anymore.
(Feature) Browser: Changed the color of the number of records in the browser from black to white.
(Feature) Browser: The body of a mail can now be viewed in the List view. The field can be make smaller or larger. Alternatively, the field can be hidden.
(Feature) Preferences: The options to archive attachments and remove the mime part of a mail are nowselected as default.
(Feature) Preferences: The window showing the calendar has been made a bit smaller. The button for selecting a date has been removed. Instead a date is selected by double clicking it.
(Bug) Preferences: The position of the calendar window follows the position of the preferences window again.
(Bug) Browser: The calculation for the widths of columns in List view now takes the width of the scrollbar into account.
(Feature) Browser: When the List view is sorted, the header now shows a depressed state.
(Bug) Parser: Changed Filemaker calls to AppleScript from "Filemaker Pro" to "Filemaker", which improved the calling of the AppleScripts.
(Bug) Parser: When archiving with the option "Remember Mailboxes", it is now possible to move mails into the trash.
(Bug) Parser: Stripping quotes in header line of a mail is now done before decoding. When a quote was encoded, it was not stripped.
(Feature) Browser: The Mail Browser is updated during archival, so that progress is shown better.
(Feature) Added support for Powermail.
(Bug) Parser: Attachment Names like ="console.doc"; x-mac-creator="4D535744"; x-mac-type="5738424E" are now parsed correctly.
(Bug) Parser: Dates in Entourage now show up always complete (22-Feb sometimes became 2-Feb).
(Bug) Parser: When moving mails to trash from Thunderbird, this application needs to quit. This is now done only once and not once for each mailbox.
(Bug) Browser: When replying to a mail in Eudora the Author now shows up completely and not only as an @.
(Feature) The Annoying window does not show close and zoom boxes anymore.
(Feature) The Mailbox windownow shows white separator lines between mailboxes.
(Bug) Some users were not able to archive all mails. Only some showed up in the Browser. Does not occur anymore.

1.2 final: 24-Oct-2004

(Bug) Parser: Attachments do have their correct names again. Introduced in beta 3.
(Bug) Parser: When an Entourage mailbox contains an umlaut, the mails are now also archived.
(Bug) Parser: Moving mails to the trash with Entourage now works for non english localization.
(Bug) Parser: Now paths to the mail folder for Eudora with more than 255 characters can be handled.
(Bug) Applescript: All Applescripts are now converted to utf16. This killed some issues with umlauts in the AppleScript.
(Bug) Parser: Mails from Outlook can now be handled correctly when removing MIME. They have a special format for MIME.
(Bug) Parser: When the attachment name is in ContentType and not ContentDisposition the name is now handled better.
(Bug) Parser: When archiving to Filemaker 6 the application is nowopened without having Applescript asking for it.
(Bug/Feature) Mail Browser: The Filemaker databases were set to German language. This was causing some problems with dates. Now the databases are set to use the system language.
(Bug) Parser: The time and the resent time of a mail are now also exported to Filemaker.
(Bug) Parser: For american locale the dates were set in Filemaker 6 to 19xx instead of 20xx, when using two digits in the year. This seems to be a bug in Filemaker 6. Now all dates are imported with four digits into Filemaker.
(Bug) Parser: For american locale the date separator is now set to "/" and not " ".

1.2 beta 3: 30-Aug-2004

(Bug) Parser: Removed some situations, where the cleaning operations were done on all records in the database and not the current Mailbox or the current selection of a database.
(Bug) Parser: The extensions for Filemaker are now set correctly to fp3, fp5 and fp7 and not to fmp.
(Bug) Parser: When exporting to Filemaker both the NilObjectException and the Failed Assertion don't occur anymore (introduced with beta 2).
(Bug) Parser: When exporting data to Filemaker some fields were copied to additional records. Once data was in a field (for instance Receiver CC) the value was copied to the following records. Now data is only copied to the current record (introduced with beta 2).
(Bug) Browser: After re-ordering the width of the columns is not restored to default anymore.
(Bug) Parser/Browser: After cleaning a Valentina database the viewed data is now refreshed.
(Bug) Parser: Corrected two issues with encodings and the export of inline attachments. Now shows the correct text.
(Bug) Browser: When re-ordering after doing a search and selecting all records, the search is not executed again, but shows all records.
(Bug) Parser: When doing the cleaning operation "Clean html" the encoding is now set correctly and does not show spaces between the characters any more (like "T e s t ").
(Bug) Parser: Did some optimizations of the cleaning operation "Strip Forwarding".
(Bug) Parser: Mailbox names show again the correct encoding.
(Bug) Browser: When bursting a digest the mailbox is now set to the correct name and not the name of the archive.

1.2 beta 2: 09-Aug-2004

(Feature) Mailbox Window: Has two alternate colors like the Browser Window.
(Bug) Browser Window: All mails show up normally with all their data in List view.
(Bug) Parser: When canceling an archival to Filemaker, it is now possible to archive again to Filemaker during one session.
(Bug) Parser: The attachment folder is only created when exporting inline attachments and not when exporting inline attachments or removing mime.
(Bug) Parser: The attachments folder is set correctly near the archive for all export types. This also removed the additional dialog asking for a location for the archive.
(Bug) Parser: Changed the AppleScript, which was not always recognizing the Mail Archive correctly.
(Bug) Parser: Removed an issue with Entourage and "Remember last Selection". Mail Archiver thought it had something to archive, but didn't have anything.
(Bug) Parser: Added a check, when the attachment folder can't be set.
(Bug) Parser: Changed the path for the Thunderbird mailboxes slightly.
(Bug) Parser: When the mail folder is not found, there is an error message saying so. Removed the error message after the first one, which said that the mail application is not supported, yet.
(Bug/Feature) Parser: Completely re-developed the Filemaker export. It is now done record by record with AppleScript instead of exporting the data into a text file and then importing this file into Filemaker.

1.2 beta1: 04-Jul-2004

(Feature) Changed the restriction of the unregistered application. Now all data is archived, but some data is scrambled in the fields Subject, Originator and Body.
(Feature) Added support for mailboxes, which were exported from Entourage.
(Feature) Added support for Entourage.
(Feature) Parser: If encodings are missing, they are now shown at the end of an archiving session in the main window.
(Bug) Preferences: When changing the mail application, the remembered mail folders are now un-remembered. This resulted in wrongly archived data.
(Bug) Browser Window: When navigating to the first record in List view, now the first record is also visible.
(Bug) Parser: Eliminated the possibility for a crash, when it was not possible to get the mailboxes of a mail application.
(Bug) Parser: Decoupled the archival of mailboxes and files. After remembering the archival of a text file, it was not possible to select mailboxes.
(Bug) In some cases the error log was cut off. Changed the location to be in the same directory as the application.
(Feature) Added support for Filemaker 7.
(Bug) Browser: When being in search mode, the status area for current mail/number of mails now shows 0/0.
(Feature) Parser: Backslashes are removed from unstructured header fields. This was interfering with sending AppleScript replies.
(Bug) Parser: Mails are now again moved to trash for Valentina, when this option is selected in the preferences.
(Feature) Browser Window:
Send mail as a reply to the selected mail with the current mail application.
Delete the selected record or all current records.
Drop the selected record from the search result.
Menu entries for searching and navigating.
Keyboard shortcuts for everything but the different sort orders.
(Bug) Preferences: The field for archiving mails older than a number of days now only accepts numbers.
(Bug) Parser: Corrected a situation, where attachments were created without a name.

1.1.1: 07-Mar-2004

(Feature) Browser Window: New order entries: Mailbox From, Mailbox Date, Date
(Feature) Browser Window: Re-sort by clicking on the header in List view.
(Bug) Preferences: The mailboxes were saved twice to the preferences, when doing a Select All.
(Bug) Parser: The encoding from Apple Mail was overwritten, which resulted in wrong characters.
(Bug) Parser: Removed the error message about an unknown encoding, when there was no encoding value.
(Bug) Parser: When doing a Select All, then Mail Archiver X complained with an error message about all non-mailbox files. Now these files are simply ignored.
(Bug) Parser: The file extension of an attachment was cut off.
(Bug) Parser: File extensions consisting of only two characters are now recognized.
(Bug) Parser: The renaming of duplicate attachments now works correctly (no "file 1 2 3.doc" anymore).
(Bug) Browser Window: If the database schema is wrong the Browser window is not opened any more.

1.1: 29-Feb-2004

(Bug) Parser: Added a routine for parsing dates in the format 5/16/2001.
(Feature) Added a progress bar for archiving data.
(Bug) Browser Window: The button for the last record was pointing to the next record.
(Bug) About Window: Name of registrant is now visible.
(Bug) Browser Window was shown, even if in the open dialog cancel was clicked. Also the value for the last browse database was lost.
(Feature) Parser: Added an error message, when Mail Archiver detects no mail in the file that is to be archived.
(Feature) Parser: ' is now being deleted from the Originator and Receiver fields.
(Feature) Parser: Header fields encoded like "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Karsten_D=FCsterloh?=" are now decoded to "Karsten Düsterloh".
(Bug) Browser Window: The preference for the last layout before quitting now works for the sublayouts of the Entry layout.
(Feature) Apple Mail, Mozilla and Netscape are fully supported.
(Feature) Parser: Removed Cut 64 k as option from the preferences, because this is needed only for Filemaker.
(Feature) Parser: Now also multipart Mime Mails are completely parsed.
(Bug) Parser: Only mails with explicit quoted-printable encoding are decoded, because this interfered with the parsing of the multipart mails.
(Bug) Browser Window: Better synchronisation between List view and Entry view.
(Feature) Preferences: Moved the Export tab sheet of the preferences to the end of the tab sheets to have a more "natural" order of the tab sheets.
(Feature) Preferences: Simplified the options for Filemaker and Valentina exports.
(Feature) Added support for Panther.
(Feature) Removed the Save button from the toolbar. Incorporated its actions into the normal handling.
(Feature) The actions of browsing and archival are better integrated.
(Feature) Parser: The attachments are exported to a folder called "Attachments" on the desktop. The name of the attachment is added to the mail. Attachments with the same name are given a version number.
(Feature) Preferences: Moved "Remove Mime" to order independent cleaners. This needed to be done together with the option "Export Inline Attachments".
(Feature) Renamed the menu entry "Archive Text Mailboxes" to "Archive Files" for more consistency with the toolbar.
(Feature) Did some optimizations when replacing text in the Body field. Now exporting to Text and Filemaker is somewhat faster.
(Bug) Added a check for the Document type, when opening an archive. This prevents the creation of files with the ending .ind.ind and .ind.dat .

1.0: 05-Jan-2004

(Feature) Added a browser for archived mails.
(Feature) Added the ability to add mails to an archive.
(Feature) A manual is now available.
(Feature) No manual installation is required any more.

0.9: 18-Dec-2003

First public release